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I have swollen painful lymph nodes on the side of my neck. What do you think that this could be?

Asked by LindsayMarieee13 (84points) December 15th, 2010

On the right side of my neck there are swollen lymph nodes and they are kind of painful. I was just wondering what these could be. Please help.

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It could be bad things. Time to go to the doctor.

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Your lymphatic system is basically the connection to everything in your body. You need to get to the doctor immediately. It could be a number of things, some mild, but it’s not the kind of gamble anyone should take.

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off to the doctors with you! could be mumps or glandular fever or many other thingies

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Unfortunately, or tragically, swollen nodes in that area are very commonly diagnosed as, “inconclusive.” I mean AFTER biopsy that is often what the patient is told. After an ultrasound? Same thing. Not always; but often. Then after they remove the thyroid the patient is often told it wasn’t serious after all and the patient is commonly relieved to hear it. I wouldn’t be relieved but many patients are so glad to hear it !!

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See a doctor immediately. This could be a symptom of any of several very serious conditions!

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