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Is it bad to stop drinking water before sleeping?

Asked by jabag11 (673points) December 15th, 2010

I tend to get up a lot while sleeping to use the bathroom, but i notice that if I stop drinking water about 5 hours before sleeping tha I don’t get up even half as much. So i sleep at 11:30 pm and wold stop drinking anything altogether at 6:30, yet I DO get thirsty here and there but I can fight it. By the Way I am 19 and am a male, in good shape I would say if this matters.

Can this be bad in anyway?

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If you’re otherwise in good health, it probably won’t kill you or hurt you.. but it’d probably be better if you drank water freely. It seems unusual to me that you aren’t drinking for such a long time before bed and still having to get up to pee. I can drink all the way up until bedtime and still manage to sleep through the night. Have you considered that you might have an overactive/excitable bladder?

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I suppose it wouldnt really be an issue as long as your drinking enough water prior to stopping and not doing anything to strenuous or dehydrating before you go to bed.

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How many times a night are you getting out of bed to go? I also find it interesting that you’re still getting up to go “half as much”, though you’re going several hours before bed without liquids. There are health issues that can cause you to need to get up to urinate at night as a symptom. Have you discussed any of this with a doctor?

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You may become mildly dehydrated if you do this. It’s not good to deprive your body of water. Could you try to stop drinking 2–3 hours before bed instead? If that still presents a problem, then rinse your mouth with Biotene before bed to avoid dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay. Ideally, you should also see a doctor to rule out any medical problems such as diabetes.

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I never drink water before bed time. I stop probably around 8:00 and go to sleep around 11:00 more or less. The thing is if you are thirsty, that is your body telling you it needs water. Your body might be so used to getting rid of extra water that it might need a night or two to adjust. Or, you might be used to the routine and not actually really thirsty? I never drank water right before bed, never was one of those kids that wanted another glass to not have to go to bed. Never have been the type to carry a drink with me everywhere I go.

Why do you choose 6:30? When do you eat dinner?

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I have another question, are you very thirsty all day long? That is a sign of diabetes.

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You should be OK if you drink planty of water in the morning and limit your cafeine intake. I slam down three 12 oz glasses of water in the morning while I workout then drink about three more 12 oz of water the rest of the day.

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You get up a lot unles you stop 5 hours before…? What is “a lot”? That is the question.

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I’m going to add more to my answer. I think 6:30 sounds very early. After dinner your body needs to be able to make sure it has proper amounts of liquid to help balance electrolytes and flush your system. If your dinner happen to be very salty, it might need more water than you typically drink at dinner. If you are doing any sort of exercise in the evening, including house chores, or even sex, you would probably need to drink something. Again, if you are thirsty, your body probably needs some liquid. It doesn’t take 4 hours typically to get rid of water through your system, to be able to sleep through the night.

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Not necessarily. As long as you stay hydrated till the next morning which also depends on the temperature of your bedroom and the nature of your bed sheets.

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Wont hurt you. Just make sure to get water when youre active.

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