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Have you ever lost something you really, really wish you hadn't lost?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39543points) December 15th, 2010

Most recently…I’ve lost my glasses!! I’ve been without them since Sunday morning. It’s not quite a total disaster since I had lasik in the 90’s to correct “legal blindness,” (If I hadn’t, and I’d lost my glasses, I’d literally be housebound) but still…I have to sit closer to the TV, I can’t see at a distance as well, and I’m not at all happy about driving. Especially at night.

But, that takes a distant 100th to other things I guess I’ve lost in my life…my babies for one. They’re all huge now. My “baby baby” is 6’4. They aren’t really my “babies” any more. I miss them so much.

What have you lost that you wish you hadn’t?

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My dad.

He’s alive, but he’s living with his girlfriend… and I choose not to talk to him for semi-obvious reasons.

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My brother and two friends.

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I had lost two gold bracelets 3 months ago. One was my grandmother’s who passed away three years ago, and the other was a graduation present from my cousins, the only gift I can remember ever getting from them, and the only gift I received for my college graduation outside of money from other people. I went crazy trying to find them. Tore apart the house. Looked everywhere, 20 times.

A week ago I found them!!! You have no idea how happy I was.

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I ordered something, earlier this year, for my husband. I put it back for his birthday, but promptly forgot about the gift. Then I found the gift, then had brain surgery. Forgot about the gift, again. missed giving it to him for his birthday.

Now I remember the gift, but I can’t remember where I put the gift. Part of me thinks he’s messing with me.

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OMG @JLeslie! You found them! I was reading your post and just despairing until the end! Where were they?

@cak’re back! You’ve been gone so long. I read your profile…man you’ve been through hell….good to see you again!!! Yes, he’s messing with you! If he’s helping you with this typing….QUIT MESSING WITH @CAK!!!

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@troubleinharlem Ah…I think we all lose our Dads and our Moms…before we lose them again, only forever.

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Several good friends and my dad.

Oh yes, and once or twice my heart. :( But it’s still a-pumpin’.

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This happened when my husband got transferred. He moved into an apartment 500 miles away, and I stayed behind to sell our house. The company paid for a house hunting trip for me and our son, a two day drive for me. I stayed in a motel room, at the half way point.

I was almost home when I realized I had left my family heirloom ring at the hotel. I called from another hotel in the same chain, and then waited while they looked for it. The manager gave me a free lunch while I waited, when he found out what happened. I was crying inside, but I had to put on a happy face for my son.

After a very scary two hours, they found the ring. I had them put it in their safe because Hubby was going to be traveling down the following week. It is insured, but there is no replacing an antique ring. I have made myself a safety pouch to put my rings in while I shower, and I use it every day.

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@Dutchess_III He stopped helping me type things about 6 wks ago, today it is showing! But yes, he would move something and blame memory in a heartbeat. I love that man, but he’s intent on driving over the edge.

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@YARNLADY WA!!! (I posted on your pic!)

@cak Well, I must say, your typing is perfect. I would not have known. .... Seriously though…about the moving things and blaming your memory? Is he serious?

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@Dutchess_III – No, only occasionally. He is great. He teases me, in a healthy way, just as I would tease him. Some days are still better than others, on my bad days, he would never dream of hiding things. He is good. He doesn’t pity me, he doesn’t make things too easy. He knows me. I need to find my way back to normal.

As far as typing goes, thank all for spell check and grammar check. Oh, those red warning lines are good, too!

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@cak You don’t have to tell me about spell check! It’s saved me many a time when I was Flutherdrunking! LOL! I’ll reread the next day and go “Crap! I sounded normal!!” However, I have learned that if I’m Flutherdrunking and every single word including the letter ‘a’ is underlined in red it is time to go to bed! Good to see you girl!

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My mom, who died on St. Patrick’s Day, 1992, my childhood best friend, who died of lung cancer on Christmas Eve, 1994, and my other childhood best friend, who died of a heart attack October 30th, 2006. Oh, and the first dog i ever had, that grew old and deaf and liked to snooze under the truck, did like to snooze under the truck… I think personal connection loss is the most common, at least to older goober’s like me..

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My marbles. A while back, still in search of them.

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@NanoBiscuit Yes…but those are losses that are inevitable….you’re making me cry.

@Zenners….I’ve got them! You can’t have them back. Ever…..OK. I’ll trade you a frog for the cats eye….

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My wits, if there used to be a 100 watt bulb above my head, now there’s a 60, sometimes only45!!

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Oh gah, @faye! I think we’re still as sharp as we were. We just have the wisdom to question ourselves more, now.

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My mind. I kid you not. I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2001, and my life has altered radically.

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@Dutchess_III It was a metaphor. ;-)

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I had a Hawaiian tiki necklace when I was kid. My mother gave it to me. Lost it one day playing and I have always kind of regretted it. I believed at the time it brought me good luck. Still think about it from time to time.

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@Dutchess_III It was the oddest thing. I mean I had literally looked all over, went through every hiding place I have, checked every pocket ln every article of clothing in my closet. When I went through all of my clothes in closets and drawers, I gathered together clothes to give away and throw out, and have had that pile of stuff in my house for over two months, because I was afraid if somehow the bracelets were in there, and I got rid of all of that stuff, well I was totally paranoid and desperate about it. My husband thought I was ridiculous. We have our house for sale, and my husband said one day, “when we move you will find them,” trying to comfort me. My reply, “I’m afraid to leave the house if we don’t.”

Don’t get me wrong I did not agonize daily for three months, but every so often I wold be reminded I lost them, and spend time looking again. Sigh.

Then about a week ago I had a dream I won the lottery, just $10k, but I was having trouble collecting the money. I swear this is true. Did my typical morning stuff, and eventually sat down at my vanity in the bathroom. I opened a drawer that I do keep some jewelry in sometimes, and other stuff, I looked in that drawer so many times, but this time when I opened the drawer what was up against the front of the drawer shifted forward, and I saw them!! the bracelets, which are bangle bracelets, were standing vertically up against the front of the drawer out of view with something in front of them all that time.

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My virginity. I wish I’d waited until it was with someone I at least liked.

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My lost thing isn’t as sentimental as some that people have mentioned, but I’m still pretty sad about it.
When I was 18 I spent a month in Japan with my sister who was teaching English there. I bought this little lighter case that holds a small Bic lighter – it was shaped like Godzilla. I really loved it. At the time my boyfriend was living in Toronto and I was living in my hometown a few hours away. I accidentally left it at his place one time, and over the phone I said something like “you can have it until next time we see each other”. Somehow he took this to mean that he could keep it. And he gave it away.
That thing was so cool, I wish I still had it.

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@hawaii_jake Gosh, that’s terrible. Do you believe your diagnosis? Did you get a second opinion? I cant imagine two doctors giving the same diagnosis. They almost always contradict the other. Whether physical or mental.
A certain party threw out all my christmas trees. All I have is a ceramic, lighted one. I am not going to spend $100—$200 on a tree. No way. I lost the most comfortable tennis/walking shoes I’ve ever owned: a pr of white leather ones. So I just got a new pr on Ebay this week. Wides are hard to find. I cannot find the ring my grandmother left me that looks identical to
@YARNLADY ‘s ring. Mine was a diamond cluster ring. Very small stones.

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@JLeslie Would you double check that drawer of yours for my glasses, please?? So GLAD you found THE BRACELETS!!! And the next time you “just” win 10K, “just” send it to me!

Gosh you guys…it’s all in perspective now. I have glasses that I was physically attached to, but not emotionally. I’ll just replace them….when I get a moment to go look for frames….still, I CAN’T SEE!!!

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@meiosis Outside of losing your parents you really did lose the most. It was priceless beyond priceless. Even a ring left by a grandmother is still a ring, it can be replaced with another ring just not with the memories attached, but one’s virginity you can never take back even if the guy acts like a jerk 5 minutes after hoping from the bed. My heart surely goes out to you.

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Sadly @Hypocrisy_Central, in the sorry tale of my losing my virginity, I was the guy acting like a complete tosser towards the unfortunate girl. I really wish I hadn’t acted like the twat I was at the time. A guilty conscience is a shit thing to carry around with you (although not as bad as the regrets the poor girl has probably had ever since). Feel sorry for her, not me.

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@meiosis @Hypocrisy_Central Although I have empathy for the regret @meiosis feels, the emphasis on losing virginity is way over blown in my opinion. Not to be confused with I think it is better to wait to do it with someone you trust, and young people may not realize how it might effect them emotionally. I guess it is the wording for me, losing virginity. I don’t judge someone any differently if they are virgins or not, and the word virgin seems to have all sorts of stuff around it.

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I gotted new glasses!

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:) Yeah. Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone! It was a miserable 2 weeks, especially driving. I felt I had no business being on the road…

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