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Rock art in the garden?

Asked by suncatt (715points) December 15th, 2010

My friend collects different types of rocks, stones, pebbles, minerals in various shapes and colors. She would like to make something out of them in her garden to make a tribute to her friends from all over the world who gave her these rocks and stones. Any ideas?

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She could make a labyrinth out of all the stones and rocks.

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Depending on how many and what size, a rock spiral would be nice.

Larger ones are used as a meditation path. Perfect for reflecting on the friends and experiences related to the stones she has.

Though, she might need a table with raised borders, like a mini zen garden if she has a lot of small pebbles, as those would just get lost on the ground.

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I suggest she do an image search to find some tips and ideas.

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She could do what this gentleman did in Park Falls, Wi

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I have been searching on but can’t seem to find it, but there was a site where all different sorts and colors of rocks were used to make a sort of mosaic on the ground. It was beautiful. If there is enough space, that might be an idea. I will keep hunting and post it fi I find it.

I personally have a diamond disc for my angle grinder and I love shaping rocks into bird baths or feeders, and just making interesting groupings after shaping them to my liking.

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Or she could make rock mosaic stepping stones with them like this or this(2).jpg or this

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Great ideas, guys! I loved all of them. Thank you so much! Now let us think of a name for our creation to incorporate the theme of friendship into the art work.

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Cast away aspersions while you cast the stones of friendship.

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Are you stoned?

Oooops, don’t want to get modded for that inane remark. Um, perhaps she could make a water feature and put the rocks in it—I find wet rocks are prettier than dry ones (but then again, she could always shellac them so they stay shiny).

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Wow! That’s awesome! I am just thinking really hard trying to translate it into Russian.:)

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last year i made some stepping stones with concrete in a plastic mold i made myself…mine were plain (to actually step on) but I think you could easily embed the pebbles and stuff in them (maybe sort of like a mosaic?) just use them as decorative stepping stones and place them around in you garden or patio…...they were pretty easy to make once i got the hang of it…pretty inexpensive too…hope your project really rocks!

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