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My sister is haveing her sweet 16 but she didn't invite me what does this mean?

Asked by kapuerajam (917points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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Did she tell you not to come? Maybe she considers it implied that you will attend and she didn’t see the need to invite you.

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Do you live in the same house? If so, that just might be why.

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the only part of the invatation I saw was the envolope I dont even know where its at

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What’s your relationship with your sister like?

It probably means either that she assumed you’d come without a written invitation.

Maybe you should ask her? We’re not mindreaders.

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she’s one of those people who get offended easily so I’m afraid to ask.

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And if you don’t ask, she’ll get offended that you brushed it off. Best to look like you actually cared enough to ask. If she gets offended, that’s her problem—not to mention childish if she throws a fit because you asked an honest question.

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If you want an answer that has some relationship with the truth, you need to ask her.

All we can do is speculate.

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thanks all. Be kind rewind

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How old are you?

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Imply your question jokingly. That’s the easy route. When she mentions something about the party, say, “Yeah…well I guess you’ll have to tell me about it since I wasn’t invited.” Just make sure to say this jokingly with a big smile on your face. She’s bound to respond one way or the other. Or, as mentioned, be up front and ask (this is the best option, most honest) – if you’re afraid of offending her (which, IMO, you shouldn’t be) at least you have Option 2.

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that’s the reason she didnt invite you. you’re younger and she probably thinks you are going with your parents.

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Maybe she just wants to spend it with her friends. Don’t get upset if that’s the case. Sixteen is an awkward age.

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if she didn’t invite you then you aren’t invited simple as that. Get her back at your sweet 16

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Woah! Easy now jkainz. There’s no need in starting a grudge over an invite. Especially one that will last three years at the least.

@kapuerajam- Just know she has a lot on her mind. The best thing to do would be to ask her about it. Don’t get upset by her response, just let her know that if it’s ok with her, you’d like to attend. If not then I’m sorry. Don’t start a grudge though. Family is important and not worth loosing over an invitation.

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That’s why she doesn’t want you there. Don’t take it the wrong way, but turning 16 is a special for a girl.

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She might be having a more “grown-up” type party. Maybe there will be another birthday celebration just for the family?

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its not much of an “adult party” persay she practicly invited the whole 10th grade and all her freinds family to the mascarade party.

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@kapu; Sorry about the party. (*having; *per se; * friends, *masquerade. 13 is old enough to use a dictionary.)

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Missed one…*pratically

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Oops. *Invitation, *envelop also and (sorry) *practically.

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