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What's your schedule for a typical week?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) December 15th, 2010

I.e., when do you go to work and come home? What meetings or events do you often have? What do you do in unscheduled time? When and where do you see friends, etc.

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Ha… my schedule right now is shameful. Physical therapy on Monday and Thursday mornings, yoga on Tuesday evenings, eat three meals a day, and the rest of the time is a free-for-all. Explains why I’m on fluther so dang much. Embarrassing, really. And I never see any friends because they’re all over the country doing responsible things like earning degrees… hah.

I could probably answer this better if I answered it as though I were still at college. My first class of the day was at 9 every morning and I would get up at 7:20 so that I could get ready pretty leisurely. I had classes here and there until 5 on some days, though other days I was lucky enough to get done with class at noon. On Wednesday evenings I had Society of Physics Students meetings. I hadn’t yet reached a point where I was comfortable not using most of my free time studying, although I was pretty good at telling myself when to call it quits for the evening and allowing myself some time each night for pleasure reading. I mostly only saw friends for meals except on the weekends, when I’d head down to their dorm building to hang out. :] I miss it!

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Great week to ask—day 3 of jury duty.
Monday—sit in a room and wait
Tuesday—sit in a room and wait
Wednesday—sit in a room and wait, suddenly realize you went to high school with someone else in the room.

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8:15:AM – Wake up and get ready for work
8:45AM – Leave for work
9:00AM – Start Work


6:00PM – Get off work
6:15PM Home


12:00AM – Sleep


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For the past few weeks, it has been—>

Mon, Wed, Fri: Wake up at 10, go to school. Come home at 4
Tues, Thurs: Wake up at 7, be at school at 8:30, leave school at 3:45

Fri, Sat: Work—> 4pm-9pm

Sunday: Homework day! yippee… =|

For unscheduled times, such as in between classes, I walk around the university, or do some studying. Or just lounge around, and wander.. maybe I’ll bump into someone that I’ve not seen in a while.

Haven’t done anything exciting in the the past few weeks…

I see friends around school, or when I plan to hang out with them on the weekends, or after class, sometimes I do homework with them!... =_=

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1. Thank God for giving this wonderful day; see my own hands (or palms) & say to yourself, yeah, you can do it!!
2. Get up at 5 / 5.30 a.m.
3. Get ready, do some exercise, fill up (drinking) water, wash clothes, do worship / pray God
4. Leave for work at 7.15 a.m.
5. Eat breakfast, have tea, go walking to bus stop; bus leaves at 7.55 a.m.
6. Reach company by 8.30 / 8.45 a.m.
7. From 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. do work (Lunch at 12 / 12.30 p.m., tea at 3.15 p.m. & 5.00 p.m.)
8. Get in bus & come back; when I get down from the bus, it’s almost 7.15 p.m. (sometimes late coz of traffic)
9. Walk & get back in room (takes around 15 minutes)
10. Get fresh, do worship; afterwards it is my leisure time which I like; I utilize it to draw sketches, etc.
11. 8.30 p.m. Dinner time (takes about 45 minutes to get out of room, go walking for some time, eat dinner, come back)
12. Around 9.15 p.m., do anything of drawing / practising animation / worship God / listen to music / read something
13. Go to sleep at 10.15 / 10.30 p.m. (thank God for giving me this wonderful day, pray him to give a better tomorrow, pray him I remember him always)

This routine goes off when I have to work late, if I manage to finish by 8.00 p.m., there’s another bus at 8. Otherwise, the bus is at 11.30 p.m. And, it takes about one & half hour for the bus to travel back. In time is fixed for work, can’t say about out time.

6 days working, Thursday off (i.e. today), sometimes 7 days working, no off day.

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Monday – Work my day job from 9–5pm
Tuesday – Work my day job from 9–5pm, evening – take dogs swimming
Wednesday – Work my day job from 9–5pm, evenings – Singing lesson
Thursday – Work my day job from 9–5pm, evening – take dogs swiming if I wasn’t able to do so on Tuesday for any reason.
Friday – Work day job from 9–5pm
Saturday and Sunday is different every week but I usually spend some quality time with the fella on Saturday afternoon/evening.

I also do 2 hours cleaning work during the week but the day is flexible and I can pretty much choose which day I go every week. For the past 2 weeks I have been going on Mondays after work and before then it was Fridays.

I try to do some over time as well so sometimes I work from 9am until 10pm.

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At the moment I’m off work sick, with a heavy bout of the flu…… I came on just for a little catch up today, but am going back to bed coughing, sneezing, farting & with some stuff coming out of my nose I can’t even begin to describe….. Hopefully I can sleep through to the new year… see you all then! :-/
Unless I’m rudely awakened by the cats wanting feeding or something in the meantime! :-/
Your not building profiles for potential burglary victims are you wundayatta?? If so I’ll be in all the way through to the new year! ;-)

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Why yes, @Scooby. I know everyone’s address, and I spy on all of you from my personal Satellite (well, ok, it’s Google’s Satellite), and I know everything about all of your movements, including the ones you didn’t talk about, and my crack crew of senior burglars are even now waiting at your (and everyone else’s) doors, preparing for the heist of the century. Everyone will be burgled. I mean everyone! Then all belongings will be moved to someone else’s house, kind of like the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and mass confusion will result, as now one actually knows where their stuff is. Got it? There will be a pop quiz later today.

P.S. Accept no substitutes.

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I’ll be back for the pop quiz! ;-)

And Thanks that’s cheered me up a little knowing I’ll be soon paid a visit, I’ve been paying a visit all bloody day! So anytime you wanna pop round to discuss my movements (the ones I didn’t talk about, pinching nose ) please feel free, I could do with the company, besides my place could do with a good clear out. you’d be doing me a favour Lol…. Take it all please do :-/
I’m not really in all the way to the new year, that was just a rouses to put you off… I can see it didn’t work, I’ll have my neighbours leave the customary mince pies out with some eggnog too, I hope to see them gone when I come back…. :-/
your secrets safe with me!! nudge, nudge, wink wink!!!

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Monday: Work at the chemotherapy suite (Hospital 1) 10–6—> Hip Hop class w/Alex 7–830
Tuesday: Work at the chemotherapy suite (Hospital 1) 9–5 -> Yoga 530–7
Wednesday: Work at the chemotherapy suite (Hospital 2)9–5—> Counterpublic Collective meeting or taking Alexey to his ballroom class or yoga followed by tango milonga
Thursday: Work at radiation suite (Hospital 2) 9–5—> Yoga or taking Alexey to swimming
Friday: Work at radiation suite (Hospital 1) – 930–530—>Yoga or date night w/Alex
Saturday: Take Alexey to ballroom class, then yoga, then nap, then all night Tango
Sunday: Take kids someplace all day, date night w/Alex.

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out of bed by 5:45 make breakfast for the husband and myself and something else for my daughter, make lunch for my husband and myself and usually something else for my daughter, any advance prep-work for dinner I can squeeze in
Shower, dress, wake the kid, leave for work 7:00am
sit in traffic till I get to work by 8:15ish and then work, til 5
sit in traffic driving home get home by 6-ish
make dinner, eat clean up
Mon-Tues-Fri go to the gym, after gym any light cleaning that needs to be done I do
(in bed by 10:30… tv if time permits)

Wednesday is date night, the Mister and I go out for something nice and have a cocktail or two
Friday nights sometimes we get takeout from the local pub

Saturday AM head to the farm, to pick up milk, eggs, meat, drive over to the other farm and pick up my produce order come home, clean some more, do “something” fun with my daughter and my husband

Sunday is day of rest, we do whatever, watch sports, cook out, depending on the season

and the whole thing starts all over again

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On Mondays, I have work at noon until five thirty. (Good thing about work is that I get free buffet!!) Then I go home and try to plan something fun for my night, and usually get to bed around eleven.
Tuesdays, I have psychology class at a wonderful time- seven am… and it takes me a half an hour to drive to my school campus. So I wake up about six, get ready and leave at six fifteen. After Psych, I go to english class which gets out around ten am. I then go home to eat lunch, do homework, get things done and run errands, see a friend if I’m lucky, and then go back to school at five. I get out at seven, in which I go home to plan my evening again.
Wednesday is my relaxing day, at least until I have work at five to eleven, and then hey, guess what?
Thursday morning class again- seven am. By now I’m exhausted… Do the same thing as tuesday, only it gets worse- I have a three hour math class in which I don’t leave the school until ten o’clock. Also, most of my friends want to go out that night so I go and hang out all night, getting to bed around three at the earliest.
Friday I’ll sleep in until I have work at five to eleven, then I go out again.
Saturday is the same as friday.
Sunday I have nothing to do accept recuperate, eat, sleep, run errands, lay around, and then get up for monday in which I do this whole thing all over again.

However; now that I don’t have school anymore because I took all of my finals, I am now free! Haha. Sorry I’m sure nobody cares about my schedule, but here it is. Have a good week everybody!

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I need regularity… schedules keep me sane.
Most recently: Monday-Friday, alarm goes off at 6:45am, get out of bed between 7:15 & 7:30 (depending if I’m going to shower in the AM or if I’ve showered the night before). Get dressed, get to work by 8:45–9ish… work till 5:15pm. Gym Monday, Wednesday… allergy shots Tuesday, Thursday – get home around 7pm. Dinner, shower, bed/tv/internet/reading(?).
Friday: work, manicure, home, ideally: cooking dinner and tv all night!
Saturday: depends!
Sunday: sleep in, clean, food shop, cook, relax!
no matter what, the kitties (mostly my boy) wake me up between 5:30 and 6:30 EVERY morning to eat. good thing I love them!!

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Wake up around 6am to 6:30am. Go to school until 2:45pm. Play with the dog for a while. Go on the computer and bore myself for hours. Eat dinner. At 9pm pretend to go to bed but actually do homework, then doze of, hear my alarm clock, and do it all over again.

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The following is a typical week schedule but continually changes every week. I have no routine. I try to make life happen between work shifts.

Monday up at 0400 wakeup doing house chores until 0430. Exercise 0430 to 0630. Commute to work 0630 to 0730. Work 0730 to 1700. Compute 1700 to 1800. Home goof off until about 2200.

Tuesday modify Monday’s schedule to be at work at 0930 to work for 8 hours.

Wednesday modify Monday’s schedule to be at work at 0800 to work for 11 hours. Get home from work at 2000 usually exhausted. No time to goof off.

Thursday modify Monday’s schedule to be at work at 0830 to work for 8 hours.

Friday wake up at 0700 doing house chores until 0800. Exercise from 0800 until 1000. Goof off from 1000 until 1500. Commute to work 1500 to 1600. Work 1600 until midnight.

Twice a month I have to work one weekend day 13 hours long.
If I’m not working on the weekend I spend more time exercising, more family time and of course more time goofing off.

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