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What trend or thing of the past makes you feel old?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Like having one of the first non color TVs, or having a cell phone that could have been used to kill someone due to its huge size, or maybe its your pair of MC Hammer, no?
Mine would most likely be being able to remember when the SNES came out…
So let’s hear what your story is about what makes you old.

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The thing that makes me feel old is when I say things like: “When I was your age…”

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I remember the first time I used a mouse and the first time I saw a chat room.

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My anachronisms have to do with me dropping 80’s pop culture references and people I meet and them not quite getting them. Maybe I bring up Alf too much. Also, for the most part I stopped playing video games after SNES, so when someone refers to something current, I’m lost. This makes me feel older as well.

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I wore madras shorts and solid polos/tees 20 years ago.

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maybe the ‘skate or die’ hairdo, friendship bracelets, day-glo

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Seeing ‘balloonskirts’ in the shops sends chills through me… I actually remember the first time they were in in the 80’s. And along with all recurring trends from then it reminds me I’m a child of the 80’s, something that scars you for life – it was the decade that style forgot ;)

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My girlfriend constantly teasing me about being old.

Or when the doorman looks at my ID and says, with all sincerity, “Dude, you still look young!”

Neither one of those is technically a trend or thing from the past (though I guess the bouncer incident was a few days ago), but you get the idea.

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One word: SNICK

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remember when tom& jerry use to not talk? Now they do.

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The question is if Fluther is going to be one of these.

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Double colored socks and LA Gears!

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in reference to snick…i asked someone the other day about gullah gullah island

i didnt wear “bell bottoms” until i was in 8th grade and the fact that now when i say bell bottoms people think of them as the hippie huge legged pants and they are just “jeans” now

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If you started to get sick of nickelodeon when they started airing cat-dog then I think that can make you seem pretty old. God I miss you old school nick.

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remeber fraggle rock? I bet no one remembers zoobalizoo.

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The Coleco Vision, a corded cable box with push buttons, rotary, slimline phones. I also remember getting my first happy meal when they came out, and when McDonald’s started serving Chicken McNuggets.

I also used to use Breck shampoo and flash cubes for my camera.

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Anyone remember Belle and Sebastian on Nickelodean?

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Was that the one about a boy living on the moon with a flower?

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No, that’s ‘The Little Prince.’ That’s from the same exact time on Nickolodean, though. Nice reference.

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I was about five when those were playing. I remember the image of the kid watering his flower and the names Belle and Sebastian. Guess I put the two together.

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When I see photos of my friends and I in feathered hair with hairspray. Remember “wings” when the wind blows…looks like wings! LOL And I remember legwarmers, that was so 80s.

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I got really excited when I saw the preview for Chipmunks last year. I seriously dated myself by doing that.

For the record I don’t have a specific age – I’m 20+ and that’s that.

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@jaeger- I was so pissed when I saw the trailer for that film. What’s wrong with normal (old school?) animation? P.S. chipmunk music is amazing.

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zoboomafoo the flying lemur

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Omg Caly, that was the best when I was little!

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The fact that creeper shoes, skinny jeans, and Iron Maiden t-shirts are popular again make me feel old. That was MY era that started those trends(?) and when I see them now I have mini non-drug related flashbacks. The 80’s rocked!

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I just recently saw Alvin and the Chipmunks it brought back so many memories.

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I am only 16, but I think in the future what will make me feel old is remembering when Pluto was a planet.

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When Waynes World came out (which itself was some time ago), I was talking about it to a teenager and sang Queen – he looked at me in awe and said “wow, you’ve seen that movie a lot of times!”.

I bought a Nine Inch Nails CD at B&N one time and the pimply guy working at check out looked at me and said “Never too old for some Nine Inch Nails, huh?”

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@figbash – we had the Intellivision and Pong. I think my parents still have them in their closet. Pong was crazy because it was just…Pong. A small box that plugged into your UHF (or VHF? can’t remember) connection in the back of the TV. Actually, you had to screw in the connection. And then you only had two ways to play Pong…Game A or Game B. With Collecovision and Intellivision you had to make sure you had the little card that fit over the keypad for the game you wanted to play so that you knew which buttons to push.

And I remember when the first Nintendo came out. I remember that it cost $107 dollars for the system with ROB and the Gun, and I we were probably the last family to get it because that was a lot of money. It may have actually cost less or more than that, but that’s how I remember it.

I had a small b&w tv in my bedroom. granted I’m not old enough (30) to not have a color tv, but when you’re a kid you always get the hand-me-downs…or at least you did in those days. it always had that really high pitched “whistle” that some of the older CRT monitors have here at work. The only way to make it stop whistling was to smack it real hard on the side or the top.

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When the game froze, you had to take it out of the super nintendo and blow on it to make it work again.

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the clothes my mom makes me wear..
plus the things usually i want to talk about are wiser ones..

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When coke was a “the real thing” and a joint was a bad place you didnt want to visit.

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