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What are Capricorns good at?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 15th, 2010

• What are Capricorns good at generally?
• Are they good at art? of what type?
• Are they good at sports,athletics,body building etc. ?
• Are they good at studies,academics?
• Can a Capricorn be a good writer or blogger?
• Singing or dancing?
• What your Capricorn friends do? What do you find good about them?
I am trying to find a nice hobby for me,maybe something related or art.Painting would be good for me or sketching? Or something else?

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According to the lore, a Capricorn is ambitious, practical, patient, humorous yet reserved, good organizational skills, and strong work ethic.

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Don’t know if the sign has anything to do with it but both me and my boyfriend are capricorns and we’re good at music. We both sing and play an instrument. We’re also very patient and we both suck at sports.. lol!! Could just be coincidence ;-)

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From what I know Capricorns are ambitious? (like what @YARNLADY said…) I’ve heard a lot of different little quirks and twists on the sign, (and I was actually just searching it on the web to check, with little success of consistency…) but that’s one that I think runs pretty true in the idea of Capricorn. So, with that, I’d say go for it. Paint! Sketch! Follow your ambition.

I’m Capricorn, too, actually, technically. I find that some of it seems to fit me pretty well, other things not at all. Whether or not you (you-in-general you,) believe in astrology—because that can be a debate right there, and I know plenty that can argue either side and everything in between…— from what I understand it’s all about how the natural elements aligned at your (you-in-general your) particular birth. Everyone’s situation will be a little different, there’s no ‘set in stone’, exact personality. So if you’re trying to make yourself fit a certain prescribed personality, I don’t think that will work, personally. Even going by the astrological beliefs, there’s no way to exactly know who you are. Let yourself explore, follow your interests! If you like it, feel passion for it, do it!! Please!

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@DancingMind but i will have to try out many things and explore them to find out what im good at.wont the date of birth give any close idea?

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The two Capricorns that I know are also quite musical. On the other hand, so are several of the scopios, virgos, pisces, geminis, aries, and cancers.

You talents would seem to have more to do with both nature and nurture than the date of your birth.

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I am a Capricorn. I had a band and was the lead singer in it. I have all the sports awards from college and High School and was an A student. If you have any other questions I will try and answer them.

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Capricorn Personality Traits – Capricorn Personalities

Capricorn Personality – Zodiac Sign – ruled by Saturn.

Your Sun Zodiac sign may not best describe your personality features, your characteristics and general qualities that you bring to life. For many people, their Ascendant or its planetary ruler is the more obvious characteristic, or sometimes the Moon sign. Your Sun sign, rather, says more about the direction you should be moving in, to make the contribution to humanity you were born to make, and thus achieve a degree of personal fulfilment.

The Capricorn personality witnesses to the importance of the social order in which one lives, its proper functioning, and the personal fulfilment which can be found through finding ones true place within it. Capricorn follows Sagittarius in the zodiac. Sagittarius is concerned with finding a philosophical or religious framework in which life makes sense, but is not necessarily interested in the practical implications.

All the earth signs, of which Capricorn is one, give substance to the ideas of the preceding fire sign. For Capricorn, it is not enough to have a grand idea about the meaning of life. The meaning is lost unless it can be contained within the social order in which people live. Ethical ideas (Sagittarius) must be worked out in terms of socially responsible behaviour (Capricorn).

Personality Traits of a Capricorn:
Good organizational skills
Neat & tidy
Strong work ethic
Materialistic tendencies
Respects authority
Cruel taskmaster
Excessive perfectionism

Simple food
Not being pressured
Unconditional love

Being teased
New ideas & paths
Being useless
Public embarrasment

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I would not base my hobby on what Capricorns are good at, but on what you like to do or make.

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Am I the only non-musical Capricorn?

I like to think of my astrological sign as being something more fluid than what books say it is. Look at the symbol for the Capricorn: A goat with the tail of a fish. I take this to mean that I am an adaptable person. I can survive on land and in water metaphorically speaking while many of the other signs lack this duality. Like the goat, Capricorns are loud and stubborn but our hearts are closer to our water-dwelling halves so we are more at peace than many other signs. However, this may not be apparent because externally, as I said, we are loud and stubborn like the goat.

So, while Capricorn is officially an Earth sign, I think it is more accurate to characterize it as a “shore side” sign, that is to say, Earth that is very close to Water. We may have many of the immovable, solid traits of the Earth signs, but we also have some traits of the calmer, more peaceful Water signs.

Query: Why answer a question about astrology if you don’t believe in it?

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Because I know a lot more about it than others who might be on this thread. For example, the duality you describe is attributed to Cancer, not Capricorn. Either you are mistaken about your own personality (doubtful) or there is far less merit to astrology than some would suggest (likely).

I answer questions about religion and I am not religious. I also answer questions about science and am not a scientist. I answer questions about Babylon and am not Babylonian. I answer questions about cats and yet I am not a cat.

Knowledge should be the prerequisite for answering a question, don’t you think?

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I think Capricorns are good at (or not good at) the same things Aries, Libras, Gemini’s, Virgos, Sagitarius, Cancer, Pisces, Leos, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are good at.

You will notice that some Capricorns have the same traits as other Capricorns. You will also notice that some Capricorns have the same traits as Leos and Sagitarius. You will also notice that some Capricorns don’t seem similar at all to other Capricorns.

You have to ask yourself all sorts of other questions to decide what you like or want to do.
Do you like music?
Have you ever tried to play a musical instrument? If so was it easy, fun, frustrating?
Do you like to draw or paint? Do you like to look at paintings in museums or galleries?
Do you like to take at or look at photographs?
Do you like to eat new and unusual foods? Do you like to cook? Do you like to eat out?
Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you like to camp or hike or go to the beach?
Are you the indoorsy type? Do you like to read or wite poetry or fiction or play video games or watch movies at home?
Are you more of a social animal? Do you like to go to parties or hang out with groups of friends or go to concerts and gallery openings to meet people?
Are you more of a loner or single friend/family member person?
Are you athletic? Do you like to play sports, or go walking or skiing or skating? Do you prefer to watch sports on TV or at a stadium, rather than to play sports?

Ask yourself hundreds of questions about activities, interests, unfamiliar things, your energy level, your comfort level with being with lots of people or fewer people or being alone, your health, your religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs, your tastes and pleasures.

It doesn’t make any difference whether or not you are a Capricorn or some other star sign. These questions will still have answers that are specific to you and may or may not be shared with other people (of all star signs).

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I like it all and more and I’m Capricorn? What does that mean?

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Capricorn is not a star sign, by the way…

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@crazyivan It is to people that believe it is.

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@crazyivan Could you explain what you mean not a star sign

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Oh… thought I deleted that answer… I went into a bunch of detail on it and then erased (most of) it. Sorry. Kind of an oddball sentence all by itself.

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Love everyone and just simple be who you are. Love everyone.

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@Summum nice pic lol ;p

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Capricorns can have variants of all traits just like anyone.
I am a Capricorn and while pragmatic I am also extremely flexible, not rigid, not a workaholic, very creative, extremely humorous, very intuitive and gregarious, not reserved, unless social protocol calls for it. You can’t judge a person by their sign, anymore than you can judge a book by it’s cover, although I will say I have never met a Scorpio or Libra that I get along with. lol

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