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Which subject do you believe most questions are asked about?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26806points) December 16th, 2010

If you do a search there are some words or subjects that have a whole boat load of questions while others seem quite modest by comparison. Which subject do you believe more questions are asked about, love, God, sex, money, convincing, lebians, maybe something else?. Don’t go searching, come from the top of your head; shoot from the hip.

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On here? Maybe sex, dreams & religion. The “holy trinity” of fluther if you like.

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Would be fun to have some statistics for fluther – but there is a question count for each topic. You could make a list – and organize the most popular tags. Though some questions have multiple topics tagged.

Also, you can hover your mouse over the popular topics on the main page :)

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Look at the cloud of topics, the boldest word is the most asked. Oh, wait, the topics section has changed, they are all the same size now – sorry.

I’m guessing religion.

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I would guess people are most likely to ask questions relating to themselves. “How do I…Why do I… Where can I….”.

Might seem a little broad but when you consider they could be asking, “When is the….or….Who is the….or How do they….” type questions.

Certainly “I” is apparently the most used word in spoken English and most people spend most of their time wondering what other people think of them.

It is the central tenet of one of the best selling self-help books in history: How to win friends and influence people. Dale Carnegie makes the point that everyone is mostly interested in one thing: Themselves. If you talk to someone and let them tell you all about themselves (while you look interested) they’ll walk away thinking, “What a great conversation we had! That person is really interesting to talk to.”

So, my guess (considering that this is baseless in reference to Fluther – I only just joined) is that people will mostly ask questions that relate to themselves.

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The #1 topic is Internet, so I’d say that. In case one or two old Flutherers didn’t know, yes, the Topics square is working now.

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I would say sex.

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Sex, religion, politics, and current affairs.

If NSFW was to be considered a topic on it’s own, it would rank pretty high since there seems to be much more of those questions these days than there used to be in Fluther’s past.

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I guess religion, politics, psychology, medical, and cooking in that order.

Psychology is pretty broad, I am thinking interpersonal relationships mostly under that heading.

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Dreams and cats.

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Dreams and “Does he like me”?

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Wow- this is a fantastic question!! To tell you the truth, I can’t even guess.
But I suppose I’d go with ‘life’
I know that’s general, but I mean, I question my life every day- Why am I hereof ? For what purpose? Why is it so unfair? Why is it so hard? Why can’t people get along? Why do we have emotion? Why is there gender? What if we didn’t use money? Etc.
I have a ton of questions I’m constantly asking, and it seems like so does everyone else.

So my answer would be life itself receives the most questions.

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@crisw And the combinations thereof: “I had this dream—does it mean he likes me?”

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I’m going to go with relationships (followed relatively closely by computers and health).

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I’ll go with relationships, too.

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Death and taxes.

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There’s a wide load of different questions on Fluther, and none seem to stick out as a majority much more than others, not like it would on a place like Answerbag, for example. One thing I tend to notice though, are questions that are actually opinions, no matter the subject used to forward it.
That said, my answer is Feudal Japan. Ninjas and Geishas ftw

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Atheism vs theism/religion (or anything else related such as creationism vs evolution, etc), philosophy, dream interpretations and dating/relationship questions. Maybe weed (cannabis) related questions are up there as well.

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Tolerance of atheists?

No, seriously. We don’t need beliefs here. How about we ask the moderators to access their database and give us a ranking of the most frequently used topics.

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@mattbrowne the top three are the ones I mentioned (based on the actual data—look at the question counts on the topic page for each).

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1) relationships
2) computers
3) health

What’s #4 – #10 ?

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Yep, I’d say relationships.

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