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How do you get over a hangover quickly?

Asked by Eggie (5737points) December 16th, 2010

I went drinking last night and this morning I woke up with a really sore head and nausea. I was drinking white rum with 75% alchohol…does anybody have any ideas of what I should do to feel better?

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Go back to bed and sleep as much of it off as you can.

Alka Seltzer might help with the nausea and headache, but it tastes vile so trying to keep it down when you feel rotten is quite tough (I find anyway).

I’ve never really found hangover cures to work too well. You just have to sleep it off and wish for the next day to arrive, when you’ll feel back to normal.

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Goody Powder.

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Pure oxygen ( O2 ) if you can find some, and sipping fluids. O2 will help clear head and fluids fight dehydration.

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First of all, if you’re feeling really nauseous, stick your fingers down your throat and force yourself to throw up. It’s probably going to happen anyway, better that you take control of it. Then take some paracetamol and drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. Next, go back to bed for a few hours. When you wake, have a crap followed by a shower, and then prepare yourself a Full English Breakfast. Enjoy. A Full English is a thing of beauty and has magical restorative powers. If you’re still feeling rough, then a hair-of-the-dog of Vodka Tonic is called for.

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Ditto, works for me! ;-)
Any cures for Flu?? :-/

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You missed your chance. You should have drunk at least a quarter of a gallon of water before you went to sleep. Maybe you’ll remember this for next time.

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@Scooby Get very, very drunk. The flu virus will think to itself that it’s wasting its time as you’re doing more damage to your body than it could hope to!

Source: bitter experience

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Excellent, great minds think alike, the hot toddy’s ( coffee & whisky ) are lined up as I type!!

Well done……..

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Find a mexican restaurant and order Menudo. It is a miracle cure!

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eat meat next time before you drink. comfort food is helpful.

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Too late to do anything now. Next time, eat before drinking and drink a TON of water before going to bed.

I got very drunk on my 21st. Drank a ton of water before sleeping and I felt 100% fine in the morning. Didn’t sleep in either.

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Do not drink too much water – 2 pints is more than sufficient. Drinking large quantities of water is very dangerous and can lead to kidney problems and even death.

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And you might, if you’re a bloke.. ahem, piss the bed. Not good.

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IV fluids and B vitamin injection: that’s what med students and doctors do.

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@meiosis I didnt know that…thanks for the heads up

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Next time you plan on drinking alcohol, take two aspirin before going to bed. the aspirin helps with a hanover the next morning.

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and if you dont have black pudding youre not a man and even if youre a woman youre a rubbish one.

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I have heard that lime juice is good for hangovers is that true?

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I like to have grapefruit juice. lime juice is a bit weird.

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A McDonald’s hamburger works for a friend of mine. I think it sounds really weird, but what do I know? I don’t drink like that.

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McDonald’s probably only works if you’re addicted to it, like for the same reason some people smoke for a hangover or “others” do some opiates.

Considering the fact that there’s not actually anything in McDonald’s except oddly-textured carcinogens with a blandly rewarding taste. Oh, and air, and maybe a little plastic.

Perhaps they didnt do the “health” changes in the US McDonald’s though? so there’s still loads of carbs and fat in them, which would make them work along the same lines as the English Breakfast. Too bad McDonald’s is the most boring preparation of “meat” and “bread” I’ve ever experienced in my life, and the English Breakfast is one of the most glorious inventions of human history.
Well, too bad for America, anyway =}

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A second for the O2. Quickest way to cure a hangover.

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Um, go watch a big pile of polka-dots.

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