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What would be a good name for a turn based fighting game?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) December 16th, 2010

I’m just working on a flash game, a turn based fighting game about warrior robots.

Basically, you are a humanoid alien who lives on a futuristic space station. A popular form of entertainment is building badass androids to pit against each other.

You start with 10.000 credits, enough to buy 1 of 3 starter packages. Each fight you win gets you more credits, you can spend credits on upgrades, such as better weapons, shields, power packs and other things to help make your robot a better fighter.

As well as weapons and other items, you can also level up your robot by gaining a form of “experience”. When you level up you can unlock new attacks and special techniques, as well as boost your base statistics.

Thats the general idea anyway. What I need is a good and original name for the game. any ideas?

Bonus question, if you where in charge of making such a game, what features would you give it?

keep in mind this is a flash game, not a game for a ps3, it will be 2D with a 3D look and quite simple compared to modern games. think 90’s platform layout combined with late mid 90’s graphics.

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Pit bots.

Why am I answering this question, she who has no computer game skills whatsoever..aaah, must be the crative naming factor! lol

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@Coloma nice one, I had not thought of the word “pit” yet. Its a good one. I was thinking lame shit like “astro bots” or “droid wars” or some other childish name.

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Not too bad for an old broad. hahaha

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“My Go” Bots

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blow by blow
give and take
round and round
man in the machine

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Docile Killer. Evil Nice Person. Pussy Whip. Suicidal Gangster. Li-Chun. Ken-Ha-Do

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I am still stuck on the Rock’em, Sock’em Robots of my childhood, so my brain can’t conceptualize another name.

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@mrmijunte Li-Chun. Ken-Ha-Do

Haha I see wut j00 did thar. Ken Ryu Sho.

Haha Pit Bots is awesome, and that totally fits with the style of game you’re talking about when it comes to gaming culture of the nineties. I vote for that.

I’d also add a feature that you can customize what your android looks like, besides parts and weapons. Like change the colour, or add spray paintings on them or something.

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You could call it “NUT SHOT” in reference to nuts and bolts. LOL

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