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Formula-1 = Upper Class; NASCAR = Middle/Lower Class?

Asked by gorillapaws (25311points) April 7th, 2008

Why is there a trend for Formula 1 to be more of an upper class thing and NASCAR to be more of the middle/lower class thing? At least that’s how I’ve always perceived it. Is there some historical reason the sports evolved along those class lines? Am I totally crazy in thinking there is a bit of a class thing going on with the two sports?

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well where I’m from people are somewhat rednecks and all I ever hear is NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR so I would say formula 1 more upper class

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Study up on the amount technology (sophistcation) implemented on an F1 car versus a Nascar car and you’ll have a perfect metaphor for the people who enjoy each respective sport.

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Formula 1 evolved from rich Europeans racing prototype sportscars. NASCAR was born in the rural American south by locals modifying hot rods and muscle cars as lightweight, fast vehicles to smuggle illegal booze. When prohibition ended, there were all these guys with ridiculously fast cars and nothing to do with them. So they started racing on them dirt tracks and awarding prize money to the winners.

The current incarnations of racing are just the logical extension of their roots.

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The sophistication that Obscura refers to is indeed a marvel.
However those Stock car Boys had production based vehicles with no real aerodynamic gadgets going well over 220 a few years back…The best an Indy car was doing was about the same and that was a purpose built car. Group Seven or Can-AM back in the late sixties early 70’s was the America’s premier motor racing series. I think that sex sells and right now F-1 is the glamor motor sport, just ask Max Mosley….I don’t think you get Mike Helton of NASCAR to start dressing differently. The Middle or Upper class isn’t the question…It’s more of a technology question and whether you want to turn left or turn left and right…NASCAR is more competitive than F1, but that is changing as the FIA has banned traction and launch control from F1 and will be giving more control of the cars back to the drivers in 2009. With most of the aero fluff taken away….Should be interesting. I have had the privilege of working both NASCAR and F1 events, I mist say that the F1 circus is a rude bunch of folks, (‘cept Niki Lauda) and NASCAR is more fan friendly.

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Great answer KD Kimble, it makes a lot of sense. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed road/city courses more than the ovals because it seems like a much more challenging race for the drivers (not that ovals are easy)—less passing though.

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rich people evolved beyond the left turn.

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