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What's for dinner tonight?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) December 16th, 2010

I just ordered way too much Thai food, and couldn’t be happier! So excited for a great variety of deliciousness!

What are you making/eating/buying for dinner tonight, Jellies?

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Salad and bread. yawn

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I am baking a ham. Yum, lovely leftovers.

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yaaa, I’m eating healthy tonight

McDonald’s, double quarter pounder with cheese, large fries, and Pepsi

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I got a slice from the Pizzaiolo across the street. I was too lazy to cook.

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My husband is going out to dinner with some vendors, so I’m on my own. I had a peanut butter sandwich with strawberry preserves and some corn chips, and a Golden Draft Michelob.

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Pressure cooker beef stew with celery root, yellow beet, fingerling potatoes and white potatoes. Never done this before. Have no idea how it will turn out. Stew is new to me. And sauteed broccoli.

Oooh. Lots of butter and olive oil are involved.

Smells good, as far as I can tell. I have a cold, so my eyes feel like boiled onions and my nose is like stuffed pork chops and my throat is like a pickled habanero.

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I just had soup.
I don’t know why, it’s not filling, I just felt like having it.

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What remains of the burned crops of my enemies~

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Country style pork ribs with rice and steamed vegetables.

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Chicken and white rice. Then a glass of eggnog and a brownie.

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French onion soup. Kinda wishing I had a salad to go with it.

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Steak. We had steak and it was good. Baked potatoes and salad. Nothing too fancy, nothing terribly original.

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@cak now I want steak. I’m going to stop following this question before I start to get hungry.

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@daytonamisticrip Sorry. If you were close, I’d give you the extra one!

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I had some potato chips.

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@chyna really? I can’t do that…I want food! Strange. Now I want chips. BBQ chips and I’m not a chip person.

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I know, I’m pathetic. I didn’t feel like cooking or even heating something up.

cak's avatar

I didn’t say pathetic, nor think it. I promise. I did giggle. Does that imply anything? ;~P

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Yeah, you wish you could get by just having chips for dinner on occasion. :-)

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Sweet & Spicy chicken over rice. With a salad.

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@chyna Just for that, I’m not sharing my wine. Okay, so it’s beer and the only one. I thought we had more. I think hubby and the friends hit the beer a little harder than I thought!

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Orange juice and a slice of bread. been sick for days

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@Blueroses – oh, sorry to hear! Hope you start feeling better soon. :)

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well its 7 pm… and I don’t want sandwich for dinner…is it just me or do you JUST HATE when you go “the sandwich eaters house”...these distant relatives of mine, have sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner…....but worst of all when they eat outside SUCH AS A RESTAURANT…GUESS WHAT THEY ORDER?? sandwiches…..

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It was cleanup night. Crushed avocado and old salsa to make guacamole and chips, pistachio nuts,.a soft banana and scraped out of the carton ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert and a chocolate chip cookie, all washed down with green tea made from this morning’s leaves left in the strainer. Yum!

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@Charlev I guess I’m the “chip eater” and live at “the chip eaters house”. I had chips for breakfast today too. Sorry @cak. I know you had better hopes for me. :-)

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@Worriedguy: Quite the combination!

@chyna: Hubby just volunteered to go to the store for junk food. I think we need to stay away from this thread!

@Charley: Oh. Tonight would be the high point for you, in my house. The rest of the week. Well, it’s been a sandwich kind of week.

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I found some barque ribs in the frizzer, so I heated them up with some sauce and made some french fries.

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@cak ..and a partridge in a pear tree.
(All the food groups were covered.)

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Chicken was great, the umeshu really complemented it well.

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We had a major plumbing leak 3 days ago, so the kitchen and living room are all torn up. Had to take the Xmas tree down and put all the decorations away. We’re relagated to the second floor to escape the sound of 9 industrial fans blowing 24/7. They took the stove out and put it in another room.

So, what we are having for dinner tonight came straight from Trader Joes : ) Thank goodness, the microwave oven is still intact and functioning. So it’s macaroni and cheese for mom, enchiladas for dad and a broccoli and mushroom quiche for me.

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We went out for dinner tonight. I had a spinach quesadilla, chips and salsa, and a couple of margaritas :)

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I ordered pizza. I’m lazy. Surprisingly, I can play the xylophone on my ribs. Hmm, ribs.

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I had katsu curry rice, California rolls, karaage chicken, tempura, and then an eclair afterward (my friends and I spent the day in Japantown). :)

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@DominicX: I was JUST looking up stuff in Japantown because I’m headed there tomorrow to get stuff to make sushi at home! yayyy!

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Probably steamed veggies tonight.

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Popcorn. Going to the cinema tonight :)

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Big, gooey, grilled cheese (Tillamook) on crusty sourdough bread, my favorite organic tomato soup, orange and apple slices. It’s Friday, I’m tired.

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@Sweetpea: that sounds so amazing, i can’t even begin to tell you!

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@Samantha_Rae—-Really? It was so easy…we actually have it a couple of times a month because it’s something the four of us agree on and enjoy.

SamIAm's avatar

Grilled cheese anything is amazing… but on sourdough? I’ve been in SF for too long to not have made this. It’s going on the short list. And, what’s your favorite organic tomato soup?

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@Samantha_Rae You are in SF? I am a little N of Seattle, and both the Tillamook and the soup are from OR. Everyone in my family loves this tomato soup.

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@Sweetpea: haha, yes!! For a year now, which is way too long to not have made grilled cheese (period but especially with sourdough). Thanks!

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@Samantha_Rae I’ll bet you could find some great cheeses down there to go with that great sourdough! Have fun!

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@Sweetpea: ya we have a great cheese store next to a great bread place. score! thanks!

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@Samantha_Rae and @Sweetpea Another good grilled cheese sandwich is to take a good crusty French bread, put some mozzarella (fresh or aged) on there, add some sun dried tomatoes and and a few leaves of fresh arugula. It’s even better if you have one of those panini grills, but just a regular stove and a pan work just fine.

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Mexican tonight! I’m sure @cak will be happy for me.

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@Samantha_Rae Yummy! I would love to have one of those panini grills, I have also seen the pans that do the same thing on your stove top…maybe some day. I don’t think I have ever had the arugula…what is it like, a leaf? Spicy? Lettuce-like? Herby? I do really like sun-dried tomatoes. I secretly keep wondering if there would be a way to put some fresh basil on a grilled cheese. I just love basil and pesto….

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@sweetpea: Arugula is a lettuce and definitely has a bite to it. They also have spicy arugula which is fantastic! Arugula is great as a salad bed or on sandwiches, etc…

And I think you could totally add basil to grilled cheese… I’m curious how it would taste! Tomatoes and basil with a little garlic powder… yum.

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@Samantha_Rae I think I will have to give it a try! Hey, have you ever bought that crusty artisan bread with the garlic chunks baked in? Wow…this will be some sandwich when we are done!

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@Sweetpea: no!! Never heard of it… I will be on the lookout. Thank youu!

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@Sweetpea has vanished. What happened?

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“Flapjacks fried in bacon drippin’s, racoon ribs with collard clippin’s, fried mush an’ cabbage stew, an’ corn cob jelly, fresh-made fer you!”

Grand Pa Jones

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