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What is the glue on computer screws called?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) December 16th, 2010

I’ve seen a glossy red, green and sometimes blue ‘glue’ on nuts in computer cases, it’s hard, but fairly easy to beak by turning the nut. What is this glue called, I need it to secure some nuts on bolts in an environment that has a lot of motion.

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It’s Loctite.

Specifically, the blue stuff, which I see most often, is this one but there are different strengths and applications.

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The most important thing to know about Loctite is that it will not set while exposed to air, so it will only set once it’s shoved into the gaps in the thread. Any extra will just stay liquid.

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Blue Locktite is for locking bolts that might have to come off again. Red is for permanent locking. Green is for locking bolts that are already installed, and you don’t want to take them off to put on Blue.

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Cool, the red one always has been a trouble. I just hope I can find a place to buy it out here.

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Pretty much any hardware store or electronics store will sell it. It’s not hard to find, and there is always mail order :>)

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I’ve seen that stuff, too, on chassis screws in electronics. Are you sure it’s to lock the screw in place and not to serve simply as tamper evidence for warranty service, or to mark a critical screw position for servicing?

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I’m sure it’s to lock the screw.

I got permatex blue, medium strength, the breaking point is 115/53 pounds of tourque, can I make that with just a screwdriver and wrench?

I’m not very fammiliar with torque, as a bit of help, how many pounds of torque could you say equals a pound being lifted, if you can say it like that.

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The stuff on computers may be “torque stripe” which is used to detect loosening of bolts. This usually signifies delicate stuff like hard drive seals and radio capacitor settings. Torque stripe is easy to break, so as to easily show evidence of loosening.

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