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About how long will it take for the USPS to get my Christmas cards to where they need to be?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) December 16th, 2010

Dropped my Christmas cards in the mail today (12/16/10) in a mailbox in Frederick, MD. About how long will it take for a card to get to Morgantown, WV? Also, how long will it take for a card to get to New York?

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I mailed packages (regular through USPS) on Monday afternoon from Northern California to Long Island, NY and they got there by Wednesday afternoon! The post office must be doing something right this holiday season!

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Probably two days.

I grew up in Montgomery Village

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Your cards should be there in 2–3 days, max.

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Alrighty!!! Thanks you for your timely responses jellies :))

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Most Post Offices have a chart that tells them when you can expect your mail to arrive at its destination. When you drop it off ask about when it should arrive. Note these are average times, and it will usually take a little longer during the Christmas mailing season.

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A day. Maybe two. Three at most.

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