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Can we all bow before the Queen of Good Sense, Grammar and Stylistic Excellence to honor her attainment of 30K?

Asked by janbb (54690points) December 16th, 2010

The fair Jeruba (sigh) has climbed the mountain, crossed the ocean and earned her place on the island. Let her path be strewn with roses and lambent lumieres light her way.

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I bow deeply before Mighty Jeruba!!! You rock this site!!!

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The Queen has made it !! Jeruba, my idol! Congrats to the lady who I equate with great posts, great answers and always, always, good information.

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Congratulations, Jeruba!! :]

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I stand in awe and wonderment. Well, maybe not that but good grammar, correct spelling, and proper syntax will always have my adulation, as does our Jeruba. Congratulations, well earned.

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Congrats. Long live the queen.

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Congratulations! :))

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Woooot! Congrats Jeruba!

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you and i should sooo take some x in honor of the occasion

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Great work Jeruba!! My sincerest adoration, m’lady.

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Oh dear. Dare I say it? Oh Jeruba—you have to be my favorite writer/wisdomer on fluther. Your advice always makes me wonder why I didn’t think of that. Your sensibility is calm, yet well-targeted. I am really glad you found your way here. We may not engage much lately, but you can be sure I am always lighting up when I see something you’ve written, and I always take the time to read it.

Mucho congratulationos!

Oh, and welcome to the island. You’ll find your Cabana over there. Just following the blinking light on the path. If you don’t like it’s current configuration, don’t worry, you can make it into anything you want. All you have to do is write it down.

But right now, I sure you want to step over to the seaside lounge (and when they say seaside, they mean dip your toes in it) sit in one of those comfy chairs, listen to the steel drum band and let the bartender know what your preference is. You’ll be kept happy all nght, if that’s what you want.

Welcome, benicimundo! Bellisima! Jeruba!!!!!!

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Congratulations A+

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@janbb There certainly couldn’t be a more deserving member than Jeruba. Her wisdom, wit and knowledge add so much to this forum. I can’t think of a more deserving Jelly to hit the vaunted 30K mark. Congratulations, Jeruba, and thanks for being here.

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* sigh *

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I shall bow so deeply my face touches the floor. Congratulations, your highness! Yours is a truly great achievement.

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Oh.My.Whatever – It’s just lurve, people.

Honestly. I’m sure Jeruba herself would say (will say) though she would find a better way to say it it ain’ no thang.

Quit with all the bowing and scraping. Just stand up and cheer, y’all.

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I have celebrated with you now three times! All well deserved! You are someone I admire, respect and call friend.

Congrats to one of the most wonderful members on Fluther!

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Serves me right for visiting a friend RIGHT NOW.

I remember her on her very first day. :) She was a sweet, young, slip of a user and she has come so far! Congratulations, my friend. You are officially an elder of the tribe. :)

You are always a kind voice of reason and it is an honor and a pleasure to know you.

May you be here until we Jellies turn to dust and arise as those little fish with legs that walk onto land.

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For the marvelous Jeruba, a private island getaway just in time for the holidays sounds just right. Congratulations!

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Jeruba, you are welcome to our home any time for dinner and drinks. I recall you prefer the Midwest in the fall? @Blondesjon may or may not slip something in the brownies I make. Congrats!

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Jeruba, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Fluther would not be the same without you! So smart, witty, and (in my mind) the very picture of grace and elegance. I’m not sure what kind of residence 40k is, but at your pace, you’ll be in the 50k castle on the moon in no time! We’re still working on getting the oxygen system working, so take your time.


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Congrats Jeruba, you are the queen for sure.

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Congratulations on the 30 grand @Jeruba! Great effort by a class act!

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Felicitations and congratulations on this joyous occasion. Well done!

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Congratulations Jeruba!!!

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<——In honor of the occasion: a reminder of one of those most interesting questions ever asked on Fluther.

Go go go Jeruba! I can’t say enough good things about you. Congratulations.

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Jeruba was the first person I fluthered into my fluther. I was excited to do it then. I am excited I did it then, now. :-)

Congratulations. Stay forever.

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@iamthemob fluthered into my fluther sounds so dirty. hope you washed your hands afterwards. :P

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I felt like I should have, @jonsblond… but I didn’t. In the end, I feel like that’s better.

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“Ho’omaikai!” to the lovely Jeruba. Welcome to the tropics.

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Yay! Congrats to you, Jeruba! :)

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Oh, thank you all, my lovelies. So kind of you to celebrate for me. But please, no crowning, no queening, no bowing. Let’s all just sit down happily together, wiggle our toes in the sand, and discuss misplaced modifiers and possessives with gerunds. Truly, what could be more pleasant?

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@jonsblond, reason enough for the existence of sand.

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Oh, yay! Jeruba, you deserve every single bit of lurve thrown your way. Thank you so much, for everything. Most of all, for your friendship. Congratulations, darling!

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30K! Amazing!! It suits you, in that respect. :) Congratulations!

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Ooh! I’m so late! (I was sleeping). What can I say? I guess, @Jeruba , we’re sort of like sister Jellies in that Katawagrey was the one who started our coelenterate nurturing…does that make her our mom? Yeah, let’s not go there… You’re my go to gal for recommending books, venting a frustration, and a guilty secret or two. Someday we need to have a sleepover so we can stay up all night and giggle!

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I’m late, too! Obviously ^^^ didn’t set the alarm loud enough! Please don’t tell her daughter!

Congratulations on the well deserved 30k! You taught me more than you will ever know.
I see colors. Many colors!

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These Roses are for your newest room at the mansion. Enjoy! I admire your kind voice of reason. 30,000 Congratulations to you!!!

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Congratulations great Jeruba. Wear your crown mightily and proudly. Lets put up and buy her a trophy

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Congrats Jeruba. Anyone that uses gerunds in a sentence, and knows what they’re referring to deserves their own island, but it’s more fun with lots of jellys around for company.

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Holy crikey! Congratulations!!

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A simple, heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!! to you. I love to read anything that you write! Your answers are thoughtful, well-written and helpful. Thank you for being such a wonderful jelly.

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A hearty Congratulations to one of my favorite Jellies! Terrific work and you absolutely deserve it!

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Congratulations! I wish you happy gerunding!

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A wonderful jelly; always helpful and wise. Congrats!!

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Wow, Jeruba 30K ! Are you certain ? Are you certain that you are certain ?? Are you absolutely certain of your absolute certainty about being certain ???

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Congratulations, @Jeruba! I am sorry that I am late to the party.What a warm, wise jelly you are! Your lurve is well-deserved. Welcome to the island.

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Congratulations! I think I had been here about a month when you got 10K (and I wasn’t even sure what that was all about at the time). I have appreciated watching your meteoric rise and will look forward to your 40K sometime next month!

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Congratulations @Jeruba!
Wonderful news!

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Congratulations @Jeruba ! Mightily deserved :-)

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@Jeruba: Let’s all just sit down happily together, wiggle our toes in the sand, and discuss misplaced modifiers and possessives with gerunds. Truly, what could be more pleasant?

I love it when you talk dirty.

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Yes we shall, fellow linguistics enthusiast (though a lofty expert compared to me); I look up to you in that regard :D


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Congratulation @Jeruba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep on keepin’ on!

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Congratulations :)

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Congratulations, Jeruba. I always enjoy your advice and your sensibility. Thank you for many entertaining moments and I wish you another 30k…and then some! :)

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I found your glasses, dammit.

Happy 30k!

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Congratulations, @Jeruba, you’re one of my favorite jellies, always kind and intelligent in your answers. You’re an awesome person, and I hope you stick around here for a very long time! :D

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Congratulations, @Jeruba! You are truly a beloved Jelly!

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@Jeruba! Congratulations on your 30k! I know you’re only in it for the points. But if you’re anything like me milestones are milestones and it may not be as exciting as when your odometer turns over to 50,000m, it is an accomplishment nonetheless. You’re in it for the tribute; the gifts and offerings, correct? That’s for what I am in it also. See, I didn’t end my sentence with a preposition, did I? Aren’t you proud of me? :-)

I don’t like to come to these things empty handed so I have brought gifts, tribute, offerings…

I wanted to get you a private library so, I was just going to get you William Randolph Hearst’s private library … and that one is certainly magnificent and that is private library no. 1 but there were just so many very nice private libraries that I got you six more in addition to that one:

private library 2

private library 3

private library 4

private library 5

private library 6

private library 7

The 10k mansion is pretty nice so goodness knows what accommodations are provided at the 30k whatever it is … island, nation, empire, isthmus … we in the mansion are not privy to such things nor should we be. You are certainly not required to accept any or all of the private libraries I have brought as tribute but I humbly submit them to you in the hope that at least one is to your liking.

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Congrats to you Jeruba!!!

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Nicely done :-) Congratulations!!!

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@lillycoyote Have fun shipping all that. “A few” flat-rate boxes won’t cut it. :P

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@Fred931 I’m looking into having the libraries disassembled and packaged by Ikea, then shipping to them to @Jeruba where she will have to reassemble them with nothing but the enclosed hex wrench.;-)

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Congratulations, defo congratulations.

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And I add my congratulations.

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And congratulations once again!

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