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I want to learn how to make my own sushi, any suggestions?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) December 16th, 2010

I don’t eat anything from the ocean… including seaweed. But lately, I have discovered veggie rolls (cucumber, avocado, carrots, etc…) wrapped in soy or rice paper! They are delicious and I want to learn to how make it at home.

I have found some helpful videos and websites but they all seem to use seaweed.

Do any of you know anything about making sushi with soy or rice paper? And is there some sort of starter/how-to kit?

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I bought a sushi kit. It had the thingy to roll it, some chopsticks, an instruction book, sushi rice, and some chopsicks I think. And, maybe a flat wooden spoon? Oh, make sure you have a really good knife to cut the rolls. Then I bought the rest of the ingredients.

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If you don’t like the seaweed, just substitute the soy paper- it’s actually easier to work with anyway. Lots of places sell sushi kits, but you don’t really need one unless you are a perfectionist!

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@JLeslie: would you recommend the kit you bought? I’ve seen them at places like Borders but was never sure about them.
@crisw: I’m a little bit of a perfectionist… I thought soy paper would be harder to use, I’m glad to hear it’s easier to work with!

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@Samantha_Rae I have to see if I can find the instruction booklet that might have the name? I don’t have the box anymore I don’t think. I bought it 10 years ago.

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@JLeslie: that’s okay! thank you!

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This is the one I have.

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Or had. I still have the rolling mat, but obviously have used up the other ingredients.

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@JLeslie: sweet!!! that looks so cool, THANK YOUU!!

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Choosing the right rice is crucial, and there are many kits available.

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if any of you are curious, this seems like a good post to help: soy paper sushi

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By reincarnated as a Japanese sushi chef. No, seriously, there are some great how-books around.

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@Doppelganger19: like which ones? I kinda feel like books for this (especially for someone who won’t be using fish – I’m pretty limited) are obsolete. Youtube can show me everything I need to know technique wise, for free!

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Well if you want to be traditional about it you’d have to leave it to a guy (female hands are deemed to be too warm for making sushi).

But for the fun and joy of making eating your own sushi, everyone above has given pretty good advice. I don’t know about where you live, but perhaps there may be classes available? There are a few where I’m from.

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Update: went to Japantown today and got everything I need! Also met a really wonderful Japanese lady who gave me some pointers that I didn’t read on the internet. Will make it this weekend, pretty excited!

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