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If you had a near death brush with a gunman how would you believe it would affect you?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 17th, 2010

You are at your kid’s practice, a board meeting, working the line at the factory or in class, just another day then someone produce a gun and starts shooting, maybe hitting people and killing some. How does that brush with death change you? If you were in the building or area but not actually shot at or shot does the trauma of it fade quicker or affect you less? Do you think it would last longer if you were shot at, shot, or a friend or coworker was shot and/or killed? The thoughts and feeling would logically be different than escaping a horrible car crash, almost drowning, etc, but how do you think it would be different?

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Can this attack wait at least until January, so I’ll have my concealed carry permit and the ability to shoot back?

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Lots of folks have ideas about how they would deal with the situation, and maybe some are correct- but I think that no one can know how they would react or be affected by such a situation until it happens. I’ve been threatened with guns on more than one occasion, and I still don’t know how what it would really be like to be involved in a shooting incident.
I don’t hanker to find out.

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I recently had a fucked up situation where a crackhead knocked on my door at 4am, telling me a story, that was believable at the time, about how she ran out of gas and needed help. I’ve been in similar situations and although I had trouble trusting her, I agreed to help. I took my .40 with me, just in case, and ended up getting pulled over with it in my possession on my way home. I was terrified so I made a bad decision of pulling it out as the cop was running my license and my plan was to unload it and set in in my seat so that when the officer came back, I could inform him of it and we could go from there. I didn’t want to seem like a threat. His partner, who I was unaware of, was watching me as he ran my info and she thought I was loading it to shoot at them. She drew her gun on me and later reveled that she almost shot me. I’m thankful that she didn’t but I was understanding of why she would have. I’m basically an idiot. Anyway… that was THE scariest moment of my life. I always imagined a gun getting pulled on me and I can tell you, your imagination doesn’t have SHIT on the real deal. I consider myself a tough guy but I honestly couldn’t function after she pulled her gun and screamed “DROP THE WEAPON!”.

Let’s just say that I learned my lesson and I hope I never have to deal with someone, be it a police officer or civilian or anyone that has a gun aimed at me or a loved one EVER agian.

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I would want to add an M60 machine gun to my Christmas wish list.

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I would carry my LCP more often.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard DITTO! I’m waiting for mine in the mail.

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It’s not something I have ever considered, as it’s not going to happen to me or anyone I know (statistically speaking – there are around 50 gun-related homicides per year in the England and Wales, compared to 110 deaths due to falling from a building, for example)

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1966. i was in a one on one gunfight with a wanted fugitive. took place in a secluded, wooded area, in the wilderness, in my county. gunfight lasted 32 minutes. we both were dodging each others bullits. i could hear them whiz by my ears. i was hit in the left shoulder, minor injury. backup arrived as he escaped through the woods.

My heart was in my shoes. blood pressure maxied out. i was firing a 12 gauge shotgun with a one ounce lead slug in it. talk about loud. i could not hear for two days. this is why i wear hearing aids today.

This was the real deal.

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Wow. I grew up in the ghetto and I have been around gun violence all my life. I’ve even had a gun pointed at me. All before the age of 15. I was scared shitless, but kids don’t really think they can die, at least I didn’t. As an adult, I am staunchly anti-gun. I’ve seen what they do.

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I’d start carrying a 9mm Beretta.

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How can anyone possibly answer such a hypothetical question? One does not know how something would affect one until it happens.

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I wonder, why he, the shooter assumed he would be in charge because of a gun? probably because it’s possible there were rules against people in attendance having firearms inside the building?

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I’ve had more “brushes” with gunmen than I care to remember. It will do one of two things to you: make you more fearful, or make you take life less seriously and with very large bites! : D

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it might cause me to pee a little at first. Then it would have a negative effect on my personal security from then on is my best guess.

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I agree with @meiosis it’s such a rare occurrence in the UK, I’m more likely to win the lottery jackpot than be shot. That said, I think possibly because it’s so rare here I might find it very traumatic. Particularly if I saw people die.

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I was once shot at – the guy on the street was shooting at everyone after he shot this other guy. I have good Brooklyn instincts, dropped immediately to ground, crawled into the nearest Payless Shoes store and had to call my psychiatrist to tell him our appointment will have to wait the freeze-out and that I’ll probably go home instead. Every time I pass the same spot, on the way to my doctor, I tighten up a little but it’s no big deal.

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So far, not. I lived close enough to the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles to hear all the shooting, and stayed in the back of the house for several days, but I don’t think I was ever in any real danger.

Just last week, I went outside and found my neighborhood full of police, but I didn’t hear anything and never found out what was going on.

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Reading all the above makes me feel glad I live in the UK.

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@flutherother We will Americanize you all over there and make you gun tot’n, pistol popping, shoot 1st then check it out later Yosemite Sams just like here Har har Ok, maybe a bad idea ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central I don’t mind the guns so much as the spelling. Americanise is surely spelt with an ‘s’.

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“Americanise” sounds like something you spread on your toast! LOL!

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@CaptainHarley Or to your suit or carpet

@flutherother We are American we take liberties, that is why boys ir boyz, house is houz, IDK is “I don’t know”, OMG is “Oh my god”, and gun is gat, heat, hammer, etc. and we don’t ever shoot anyone we simply _“pop a cap” into them. ;-)

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Or, “I’ma bust a cap in yo azz!” LOL!

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