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Why did you say sorry the last time you did?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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because i slipped up and passed it to the right. (oops.)

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@ allie—it’s ok that happens to the best of us. (we are talking about basketball, right?)
I apologized to a coworker for jumping to conclusions before I knew the entire situation.

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because i say sorry out of habit, i feel it makes people feel better when i apologize. there is generally no meaning behind the “sorry”

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ladytmerie: hahaha.. no, i wasnt talking about basketball.

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Allie : ha ha ; ), sorry! There I said it!

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I accidently smacked my 11-year-old with the dog’s tennis ball. Oops, I threw, he moved…SMACK right in the nose.

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Telling my liitle boy “sorry” for having an earache. Consoling.

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I just apologized to skeh0138 on for misreading a post. I thought skeh0138 wrote it, but it was actually MikeMcG, answering a question skeh0138 had posted. I got confused because they both have the same avatars.

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