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What's the funniest slip-up you've heard someone else say?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3374points) December 17th, 2010

Here’s my example!
During graduation, my principle announced that student so-and-so was joining the Marine Corpse. That scared me…she also said that someone won an apprenticeship, but I heard “a princess ship” and then spent the rest of the speech imagining what a princess ship would look like.
I suspect that these aren’t really slip-ups so much as it’s me not being able to understand her all of the time, which makes me feel a little bad…but it was really funny.
What funny slip-ups have you heard?

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When I was studying in Argentina I had to have an evaluation by the school couselor at the start of the semester. She asked me what activities I enjoyed and one of them was “fiestar” a verb for party. In Argentina this means to have an orgy. The woman did not stop laughing through the rest of our meeting.

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I have a friend who is beginning to suffer from hearing loss, likely related to getting older. He is forever threatening to take ME to the Bell-Tone store, so I cracked up when we were at work one day and I read that they were doing hearing screens. I told him we could go and get a hearing screen and he, looking quite angry, said, “Now why the Hell would a herring scream?”

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I once commented that I liked a colleague’s haircut at a party. She then said “Oh thanks, I got it done at Salon Name. It was X dollars for the haircut and blowing it dry.

I exclaimed, quite loudly, into a sudden silence, “You paid X dollars for a haircut and a blow job?”

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In high school, I took an Italian class. The teacher was pretty hot. But anyway, we were learning parts of the body. After going over about dozen different body parts, a student asked, “How do you say face?” The teacher responded with, “I already gave you guys face.” And to that, most of the class busted out laughing. (Including the slightly embarrassed Italian teacher who said, “At least it wasn’t la testa.” head

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My sister started it and now I use it. We always get our mords wixed

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I have a Swedish friend who mixes up English expressions from time to time. She’s dating a friend of mine who lives here, and has been in Canada for a few months. One day I asked her where her boyfriend was, and she said “He went to play that game where you mop the ice” – she meant curling :)

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long ago I used to work at a company called “Overhead Door Co” A buddy of mine who also worked there was charging something at a local vendor, paint I think it was. Anyway, the woman asked him where to send the invoice and he told her “Over Dead Whore Co”. I almost shit I was laughing so hard! Funny thing was this guy was dreading the day that might happen because he thought it would be easy for him to slip up that way. I felt bad for the guy but it was one of those times when I just lost it.

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My daughter was about 9, we were raising chickens. walking through the tall grass dew covered grass her shoes got covered with seed. the chickens started eating the seeds off her shoes when she announced “they’re hitting me with their peckers”

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I don’t have any good ones but I was always sooo terrified of saying “orgasm” instead of “organism” in high school biology.

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I didn’t actually hear this, it was something my father had experienced probably in the 50’s. It may be kind of juvenile. I was a kid the first time he told us.

He was at some kind of a meeting, somewhere and the speaker had an unfortunate name. His last name was “Belch”. When it was time for Mr. Belch to come up and speak, the MC announced: “and now we will hear our Brother Belch”.

OK, I am juvenile, it still makes me laugh. I’m just trying to picture a room full of stuffy adults in their suits and ties trying to conceal their snickers and chuckles behind their serious faces.

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While waiting to see someone in a busy office everyone was waiting to be called when a gentleman walked in and asked “Who is Fonda Cox?”

If you don’t get it try saying it outloud


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This was on BBC Radio 4 last week.

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