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Is Safeway Organic "O" brand any good?

Asked by Sheila (5points) November 9th, 2006
I'm a sucker for organics at low prices, but how good is this stuff really? How does it compare with Trader Joes, in general?
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It actually is really good. The only milk I buy is the O, and it is definitely as good as Trader Joe's milk. I haven't purchased any of their boxed foods, but there fruits, vegetables and dairy are all great.
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It's relatively inexpensive as far as organics go, and it's better than the non-organic, but it depends why you want to go organic
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i.e. if you want to have something that's pesticide free, the Safeway "O" brand does the trick. But if you want to support small family farmers, I'd recommend joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you get locally grown organic produce at cheap prices. A good one in SF is "Eating With the Seasons" (just google them)
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after shopping at Rainbow in SF for a couple years, i can't shop anywhere else. i'm ruined.
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good for what? it is organic, and tastes fine. check out, and read jason mark's article on big organics.
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I have great experience with Safeway's O brand. I love Trader Joes too, but Safeway is nearby. Curious if anyone tried the O brand olive oil. Is it good/worth to try/buy?

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Jill E: I've used the O brand Olive Oil. It seemed good to me. I'd give it a try.

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Ben. Thanks, will try it next time I shop at Safeway.

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The milk in many cases comes from cows that eat organic feed, but not from cows that are necessarily grass fed. Cows that eat grass, as opposed to organic grain (corn, soybeans, etc.), have a lot more Omega 3 fatty acids and other healthful properties in their milk (see: Cows evolved to eat grass, not grains, and this one fact affects the quality of milk more than most people know. Also, many companies that produce organic milk treat the milk with ultra-high temperature pasteurization, which isn’t good for the milk and may give it a burned taste ( Finally, see this article about the propensity for grain fed cows to become sick ( and this article about a lawsuit that was just reinstated against the major “organic” milk producers and the big retailers that sell it ( The best solution is to buy from small organic milk producers, such as Clover or Strauss (both in Petaluma, CA).

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