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What do you expect out of a romantic relationship?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) December 17th, 2010

Just curious about the various answers regarding the most you can hope for in a realistic relationship. Also, are there any studies, articles or works about this topic that you recommend?

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Somebody holding aloft Excalibur and being declared King of the Britons.

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Joy, pain, ecstasy, disappointment.

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Love, respect.

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Comfortable affection
Shared boundaries honored

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Trust, fairness, communication, respect, love, happiness, honesty, intimacy, humor.

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Obedience,silence and a ham sandwich.:)

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Time, love and tenderness.

And, trust, mutual respect, honesty, laughter.

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Good quality chocolate and diamonds.

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Not a paycheck, that is for sure.

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A companion and a best friend, and someone who loves me for exactly who I am and doesn’t want/need me to change….

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Lots of lurve love, companionship, trust, friendship and honesty.

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Love. Hate. Dissapointment. Vulnerability. Weakness. Betrayal. Honesty. Tenderness. Complications. Worst of all, the inevitable feeling of love. Again. And lastly, power, or vice versa.

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Commitment. Someone to turn to for support; someone to keep you moving everyday, encouraging you to excel at being the person you want to be. Someone to care for also. Someone to do things with; companionship.

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I expect respect, support, laughter, amazing sex, openness, growth, intensity, excitement, inspiration.

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Out of a romantic relationship, I expect;

Open Mind

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I’ve only had sex once and I’ve never been in a real meaningful romantic relationship

but if i had to take a guess i would totally agree with @m0r60n & @Simone_De_Beauvoir

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What, do I look like Dr. Phil?

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