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How much food do you keep in your house?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13381points) December 17th, 2010

I’ve heard that most Americans have less than a week’s worth of food in their house, and even less water stored. Do you keep any more, in case of emergencies (blizzard, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, etc.) or for any other reason?

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I live in NYC – so as little as possible. If I don’t know that I’m going to eat it in the next couple of days, I try not to buy it.

However, I do try to keep more and more water in the fridge – but mostly for energy reasons.

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This week, it’s less than that, although for some reason I have 8 jars of jam, and 4 bags of rice. I do have an extensive collection of buckets with lids, should I need to haul water from somewhere…

I was scared off food hoarding several years ago by a co-worker’s story of cleaning out her mother’s chest freezers after her death, and finding 15 year old green beans at the bottom of one.

I do have 13 glass bottles from Voss water and Looza juices in the fridge, filled with water. does that count?

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Well, my freezer is jam packed, my fridge is full of fruit juice and bread and milk, and I have a lot of dry and snack food in my kitchen cabinets. It sure looks like I have a ton of food stored, but if the apocalypse should occur, that all wouldn’t last me more than a week or so. As for water, I have a small tea kettle on the stove that I keep full. Also, milk goes bad after about a week, and bread goes moldy after about two. So some things it’s not even possible to stock up on.

And @iamthemob, I live in NY too, so I generally pick up a few things on my way out of work each day before I catch the bus home, rather than make a big shopping extravaganza once a week like suburbanites do…

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I live alone in a tiny studio apartment… I don’t have spare food in case of a zombie attack (or more realistically an earthquake). I probably should. I don’t store water either… just one pitcher that is always full in the fridge (I use filtered tap to fill it). I guess I should probably store some large, gallon jugs of water just in case. I do always have some canned goods (beans, soup, etc.) on hand

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We always have a lot of food in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. But then again, we have a lot of people in our house and a lot of room for food (that of course means when I’m home from college and in the past when I lived at home all the time). My parents don’t like to go grocery shopping all the time, so we always keep a good amount of food around (non-perishable, of course).

We have water and an “earthquake box” in the shed outside that includes the emergency food and supplies.

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We buy groceries once a month in our house. We pick things up here and there, but for the most part we plan our meals and we don’t waste food. We have a lot of non-perishable items, as well, like canned veggies and whatnot.

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In my pantry I have about 5 pounds of rice, as well as a load of pasta. I like to keep that well-stocked. Ignoring those two, I’ve probably got about 4 days worth of food of my own. I do live with 2 other guys, and in an apocalyptic scenario, I would not be afraid to steal their food.
I don’t store any water though. One year we did, back when I was living with my parents, where they’ve got well water. One summer we had the pump break, and we had to get water trucked in. For the rest of the year (even after we replaced the pump) you could find gallon jugs of water all around the house. I think most of them are still there, actually.

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We use to have a couple weeks supply of caned food but I got rid of most of it. We have a couple of bagels, some bread, a small amount of cereal left, around 5 or 6 pounds of meat in the freezer, A massive bag of rice, and 10-ish pounds of veggies. If we had to we could ration this out for a couple of weeks.

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I just made a batch of Christmas cookies tonight that taste like orange roughy! That is enough to convince me to never have anything in the house to make anything again. ;)

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Orange flavored cookies sound yum to me :-)

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@HungryGuy Orange roughy is a fish XD

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Oh? I didn’t know that… Ick!

(city boy here)

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@HungryGuy Don’t ever make them XD

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^That was really funny.

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Enough. ;-)

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I keep enough non-perishable food to feed a family of four for about six months. We have several gallons of water, and would use the liquid in the cans to supplement that.

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I have about 2 weeks worth of food and about 2 months worth of drinking water.

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I keep a fully stocked pantry and full fridge most of the time. I have 4 kids though, so I worry about something going south- ie: Zombie Apocalypse lol or just having a bad month and not having enough to go around. SO…I stock up when I have extra money so my kids will never know what it is to be hungry.

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I also keep a large jar of Nutella on hand at all times. As I’m sure everyone knows, Nutella is the 6th food group. lol

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We have several weeks’ worth of food (canned, boxed, fresh, frozen) on hand as well as three full propane tanks, several bags of charcoal, six cords of wood, a gas grill, a charcoal grill, a smoker, a chiminea and a outdoor fire pit, and an indoor wood stove for preparation. I have a collection of vegetable seeds that will last a couple years for growing from April through Ocober in my hardiness zone (6a).
I plan of finding chickens this year to produce more ‘free’ food that I can have available in the event of any of Dan’s perils coming to fruition.
I do not have a stockpile of drinking water though.

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