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How can I find people for my dad to play a full game of Risk with in Portland, OR?

Asked by LauratheRockStar (182points) December 18th, 2010

So, my dad is retired and lonely and reeeeeeally loves to play the game of Risk. He lives in Portland, OR and can’t find anyone who’s willing to play a full game.

My sister got him an online version of the game a couple of years ago, but even on the interweb he says no one has the patience to play a full game because it takes forever.

How do I find (or start) a once a month RISK club for dudes in PDX who have as much time as my dad? Where would 60-year old men look for social networking . . . .

OR is there an online game where people are as nutso as him and will actually complete a game, not just log out when the going gets rough? :-)

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Is there a Yahoo Games Meet-up in Portland? That would be one place to start.

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Try the website It lists announcements of group activities for all kinds of things. If there isn’t one listed, he can start one.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a section on Craigslist where you can post stuff like that, if you’re willing to trust total strangers…it would probably be worth it though! And in a city like Portland, OR… probably wouldn’t be too hard to find someone up for that, either. I don’t have time to check right now but if you browse around Craigslist Community section, maybe, you could find somewhere to post a “RISK PLAYER WANTED” ad.

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I don’t know but you are a good daughter to think of this.

I wonder if he would enjoy bridge? There is a huge online community, and, even better, lots of tournaments where he could get out and meet people.

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I love Risk. But I am far from Oregon. Online Risk?

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As @crisw mentioned, that’s a great start. The Axis and Allies group would also be right up your dad’s alley.

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Have you seen Conquer Club? It’s an online RISK site.

“hobbitsubculture” says to look for her on there. She’ll play.

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the suggestion is GREAT! As is the Axis and Allies suggestion!

i did check out craigs list before I asked but figured that no 60-year-old my dad types would have ever heard of the thing. i dunno how he’ll get on with the eurogames or axis and allies folks from meetup either but I’m really excited to at least point him in that direction.


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PS. I just sent my dad an e mail about Conquer Club and told him to try to find hobbitsubculture so . . . we’ll see if he can figure out how to do that. I cc-ed my sister so maybe she can help him. Sucks being so far away from home. :-}

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We used to play this game well into the night and then continue it the next day. This was back in the 1970’s before they changed the rules to make it quicker to win. A superb game which I haven’t played in years. Pity Portland is so far or I you could include me in. We actually made our own board and our own armies. It was better than the original.

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