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Have you checked your auto's tires lately?

Asked by john65pennington (29202points) December 18th, 2010

Many of us are so busy, that we forget to check our autos tires for the correct air pressure and overall condition of each tire. This may sound like a lot of work for you, but stranded on the side of the interstate, with a flat, can be flustrating as well as dangerous. Question: when was the last time you checked the air pressure in your autos tires? Have you ever had a flat in a dangerous location? Was this your fault?

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Yes.They are still round.:)
The last time I had a flat was last year.There was a nail in it.It was in my driveway,so I fixed it there.
I have however, driven home on the rim once because of the area I was in.

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Check mine every time I drive, the electronic readout helps. It checks the pressure in every tire including the spare and shows every time I start it.

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This past week – I was stuck on a very slight hill in a tiny bit of snow, and wondered if i actually had my snow tires on or did they just say they were on?? So after diagonally getting up the hill and onto the main road, and obsessing about it for 20 minutes, I checked as soon as I got home. Snow tires. They looked low, so I had Hairy Hubby add some air.

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My car has a sensor that alerts me if one tire is low.

I had new tires put on last year and had them filled with some sort of gas that keeps them inflated properly for longer periods of time.

Otherwise I drop by my mechanic about once every 6 weeks for a regular check up and he does it all for me.

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John, That is a great reminder! I check mine every month or so when I have the compressor out. I found a KwikFil station in the area that offers free air. Sometimes I check my tires there.
The car handles better, gets better mileage, and the tires last longer. How can you go wrong?

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I check my tires’ pressures every time I fill up, which is about once every 2 weeks.

I think there’s a general advisory that the pressure for an adequately inflated tire should be a little higher than the owner’s manual recommendation if they’re checked shortly after the car has been driven for awhile.

Driving adds heat to the air inside a tire and the warmer the air inside a tire, the more pressure it will exert.

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I fear that I don’t check them often enough and I promise to do better. The whole stranded on the side of the freeway or highway scenario sounds positively dreadful so that’s enough to make me more diligent in monitoring my vehicle tires on a regular basis.

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@john65pennington Thanks for the reminder! My tires were behaving funny in the snow yesterday so I pulled into the local lube joint and got them topped off (and had the oil changed etc in the process).

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A stupid pothole flattened my tire. I am driving with the doughnut ..And i like to eat doughnuts when I drive…..Anyway I am getting myself a new tire soon.
I do not celebrate Christmas…... :)

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Yes and I need new tires. :-(

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I go through tires and brakes like there is no tomorrow. lol
Driving on twisty mountain roads every day, the outside of my tires wear out first.

Not to mention I have a powerful and very forgiving vehicle, able to take tight corners in a single bound.

She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes…..;-)

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3 weeks ago…when I put my snow tires on….and do the “kick” test everyday

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At @Coloma I can’t help myself…. I think you need a wheel alignment. Look at these tire wear pictures.
Your camber (toe out) adjustment might be off. Get a good wheel alignment – cost about $50. Sometimes it’s free when you buy tires. I’d sleep better.

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Alignment is in order, just lots of curvy roads here that lower the life of tires inspite of frequent rotations and alignments.
Actually my last set of tires lasted 3 years and they were high end Goodyears, so, can’t complain too much.——Haha, I do wish you good sleep.


I live in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, I like old folk ballads.

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Yes, I look at my tires pretty much each night before driving home since I go a good distance. I’ve had a blowout before and it probably was my fault because the tires were aging and slightly underinflated; extreme hot weather destroys tires quick.

I used to think it was illegal for a gas station or mini mart to charge for air if you were buying gas but where I live then they charge .75 cents to turn on the machine.

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Like @Coloma I have one of those tire pressure lights on the dash panel. Back in November, the light came on. It scared the crap outta me until I paged through the manual and educated myself. I dropped by my fav mechanic and pleaded for him to make the light go away on the dashboard. He did the appropriate checking and filling the tires with air. HOWEVER, the light is STILL on. I’m getting used to seeing the light now. :)

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I checked them and the tires on all 3 vehicles were about 10 lbs low since the cool weather moved in. One car has a low tire warning but the others are more primitive. Usually i eyeball those tires and my calculated eyeball tells me they’re low. I’ve done this zillions of times and it works for me. Of course a tire pressure gauge will fine tune everything. Y’all don’t forget to check the spare while you’re at it.

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Coloma, now i understand your answer. thanks. jp

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