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Does Coca-Cola produce its "second tier" products in batches?

Asked by ketoneus (1174points) April 7th, 2008

I love Coke Zero. My wife loves Diet Coke with Lime. We’ve noticed that at times, both of these are nowhere to be found. All the stores still carry the primary Coke products (Coke Classic/Diet Coke), but not our favorites. We’ve especially noticed it since moving to Maryland. Are these shortages due to freak surges in demand, or does Coca-Cola not produce a continuous supply?

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I’ve seen both of these at Target, but I’ve seen the Coke Zero more than the Diet Coke with Lime.

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it could be because of slow sales in the store they choose to not stock it.

I’m still waiting for my local corner store to get more storm, surge, and crystal clear pepsi.

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Where in MD are you? There’s a Royal Farms convenience store near my parents house in Baltimore county that has ample stock of both, at least in single bottles. In Frederick it’s more hit and miss, but usually you can find them somewhere.

And jamms is correct, a store isn’t going to bother getting stock in if no one’s going to buy. They’d just be wasting their money that way.

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@Bsilver. Thanks for he reply. I’m on Baltimore, Federal Hill. I can usually find 20-oz or 2 liter bottles. It’s the 12-pack of cans that are hard to find.

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