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My right ear is clogged and ringing?

Asked by vsfx09 (9points) December 18th, 2010

I had a soar throat, nasal congestion, and a headache for about a week and half, I took some Sudafed and Tylenol to get rid of all these problems. When the symptoms where gone the next day my left and right ear clogged up. After about a day my left ear cleared up but my right was still clogged up and began to have a ringing sound which I have had for about two days. Eventhough its clogged up i don’t really feel any pain. Now i have setup an appointment with ENT doctor early next week but I am just wondering if there are any solutions to this problem, I have taken Sudafed & ear drops and neither of it worked.

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Okay, you had a cold. That causes congestion. You can get water behind the eardrum when that happens. The solution is to take a decongestant.
With me, when I take decongestants, it also increases my ear-wax production, clogging my ear. That also sets off a ringing in my ear.
I think the first is your problem. Try the decongestant, and maybe a litte holding a hair dryer to your ear, or a couple drops of a vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mix.
And seeing the doctor is always a better idea than asking people online.

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I had a serious sore throat this summer. It hurt worse than my recent broken foot. Anyhow, along with it came clogged ears. I can’t remember exactly but I know they only hung around for a few days….my mom told me to plug my nostrils and try to force air out of my nose and it works…your ears pop. It’s kinda scary and sometimes you have to do it sorta hard but it definitely helped. And the entire mess of a problem only cleared up once I started taking antibiotics which I had refused to take my entire life so far. Never had a reason to take them so I didn’t. But maybe it’s just what ya need.

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@filmfann and @vsfx09: Do not put a hair dryer to your ear! The temperaure, noise and air pressure levels are potentially dangerous!!

Applying heat with a hot water bottle can ease some of the pressure sensation; but since you say it doesn’t hurt, it won’t make much difference. Try sleeping with the clogged ear up and trying the Val Salva maneuver (holing your nose and blowing to force air pressure up the eustachian tube) are all I’d recommend until you can get to the Dr.

It is most likely just negative air pressure behind the eardrum from inflammation of the eustachian tube and or the area where it drains into the throat. The ringing tinnitus is louder because the ambient noises are muffled and there is increased circulation to the ear. If it were fluid in the middle ear space, there would be more discomfort and more than just muffled hearing. If it were an inner ear or nerve problem, there would be more hearing loss and possibly dizziness. But since your reported symptoms are relatively mild, it is probably nothing serious. Inflammation of the eustachian tube (and the resultant pressure) from an upper respiratory infection can take 4–6 weeks to fully resolve… even longer if there was fluid or mucus buildup!

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