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Why is Google tailoring its service to slow people? (In particular, referring to Google Instant, and the drag it causes on fast typists)

Asked by Kraigmo (8178points) December 18th, 2010

Google Instant is supposed to save time. It is supposed to add a few saved seconds a day, and added up around the world, that’s quite a lot of time.

But now, whenever I use Google (unless I’m already logged into it, where my preferences are already set), I have to wait for Google Instant to catch up with my typing. I cannot backspace all in one instant-wipe… I have to wait for Google Instant to catch up with me because it’s too busy spending all its resources looking up millions of documents before I even press ENTER.

People type by feel, and when they make a mistake, they usually know it by feel, before they even see the mistake appear onscreen. Google Instant completely ignores this phenomenon. It seems to be tailored to slow typists who want to search a single subject at a time.

And Google Images no longer appear automatically page by page for people who like to type fast, scroll fast, and scan fast. Now the images load as the user looks at them. Which means, if you are a fast typist/fast scroller… the images flicker at a rate that is far slower than your ability to scan them. So you are losing time. A lot of time!

Why is Google in such denial about this, and tailoring their services for the Slow?

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