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What has made this year (2010) memorable for you?

Asked by ucme (47007points) December 18th, 2010

Yeah, as the year draws to a close the inevitable retrospective look back on the past twelve months takes centre stage. Whether those memories are of a personal nature, something that happened in your life. Or ones involving something that occured on the world stage/in the news that grabbed & maintained your attention/interest. So….& I know we’re a little early here, what are some enduring if not necessarily endearing memories for you of this past year? Wow, that just flew by!

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This was the year when I seemed to turn the corner on my health problems. My BP has fallen to the point where the doctor has taken me off blood pressure meds. My diabetes is under control to the point where the doctor is seriously considering taking me off insulin entirely. And the cancer attacking me seems to be in remission. It looks like I may actually get to spend more years with my beloved Vicky than anyone expected. God has been good to me! : ))

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Losing my virginity…. twice! Haha.

But yeah, this was a good year. I helped a lot of friends deal with some crazy personal shit, I kicked ass in school, I bought some cool stuff, I’m getting a Jeep soon (hopefully), and I made a bunch more new friends. What’s not to be pleased with?

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I turned 30 (yikes!) and moved to the biggest city in Canada. Things have definitely changed for me this year.

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Saying goodbye to my husband, enduring this deployment, enjoying his 2 week leave a few months ago, and welcoming him home were all pretty big things for us this year as a couple.

In addition to that, my son learned to tie his shoes and ride his bike (without training wheels) this year.

I finished my BSN this year, had a tubal reversal, and got pregnant.

So, all in all, there was a lot that I won’t forget about this year.

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I took a digital step out of the closet.

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My best friend got engaged.
My partner made a commitment to bettering his health.
I’ve still got a job.

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I didn’t even think of changes in others’ lives that have affected me (silly selfish girl!). My best friend had a baby and my sister got engaged.

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Moving 3000 miles away from everything and everyone I know, starting and dropping out of grad school, making friends and “friends” and learning really important life lessons – especially about human nature & the human condition in general.

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I’ve been very happily single for almost the whole year (january 10th-ish to present).

Got a 4.0 for the first time in my college career and a 3.9 for the third time.

Completed my Women’s Studies major.

And went to my first rave.

It was a pretty good year!

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard How do you lose your virginity twice??

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@Frankie, I was just kidding… sortof. Long story. Not good for Fluther…

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My husband and I let go of the house we bought 16 years ago when we were 24. It was a fixer upper in a nice neighborhood, but we just couldn’t afford it any longer. It gave us some good memories and a great school system for our sons, but we are really happy we moved away from the hassle of always worrying about having to fix something.

We are now renting a farm house an hour away from the old house. We love it. There is so much less stress in our life now, and we moved to a better school system for our youngest daughter. Couldn’t be happier.

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Struggled through my junior year of undergraduate study (but made it through with straight As), met a graduate student who has become my mentor, began working as a tutor (and found a wonderful bright-eyed student to take under my wing), submitted applications to graduate school, and finally began writing poetry again.

Judge Walker ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional. The stay is still in effect and the Ninth Circuit is still hearing the trial, but I’m feeling optimistic.

Germany placed third in the World Cup. I still love them.

Alexander McQueen committed suicide. Michael Smollin and J.D. Salinger passed away (the day after I mentioned “how sad will it be the day Salinger dies?” to my younger brother no less. He texted me saying “You killed him.”) Lost many wonderful people this year, but I remember those three moments vividly.

All this weighed against my best friend being driven close to suicide (more than once) over the loss of his father to leukemia in spring, undiagnosed clinical depression, and drugs. He continued to shut me out of his affairs. It’s been a month since I last heard from him.

It was not a good year, but at least I found Fluther.

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Wow, awesome question! Several things this year have been really important for me. Something seemed to change with me almost overnight and I feel more mature and better able to make tough decisions instead of asking other people to make them for me. I’ve done a lot of “growing up” this year.

Also, as some of you might remember, I had to have a really difficult talk with my mother and tell her to take a few steps back to let me take care of my own family. That was a HUGE thing this year! And I’ve never been happier with our relationship, now that she’s respecting my wishes and not butting in so much.

The other incredibly memorable thing that happened this year was my 4 yr old getting hurt and fracturing her skull. I’m sure you guys remember me posting about that as well. =0) Her “lifestyle” has had to change so much and she’s lost some of the light in her eyes because she just hasn’t been able to do everything she’s used to doing. It’s really sad. But, we expect to receive good news at her appointment in January and hopefully she can get back to normal again.

Those three things have really shaped this year for me, and when I think back on 2010 and see our family pictures from this year, those are the things I will remember the most.

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This year has been the best ever for me, bar none. On January 2, 2010, after 14 years of being too scared I finally came out to my SO as transsexual, and told him that I wanted to transition. I was expecting it to bring the relationship to an end, but if anything I think it’s made it stronger. In March I saw my GP and started the ball rolling on the medical side. In July I changed my name legally and came out to friends and work colleagues, and effectively began what’s called the “real-life test” – a period of time living full time in the role of the chosen gender.

Next year is going to be even better. I have my first appointment in London in January and if things go to plan I should be starting on hormone therapy in the summer.

Financially it was a good year too.

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I have one less thing on my bucket list!! ;)

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Why London? Just a more specialized medical specialist or what? ( Just curious ) : )

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My baby turned 30 this year, and my Father-In-Law passed away. I became reacquainted with my oldest son after a long estrangement.

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we brought our new puppy girl home in June.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Twice? Please explain.

I graduated college and entered the work force in this horrible economy. I’ve found that I have the most success as a street musician than looking for a “real” job, so I’m jumped full time into that.

I also grew my hair for the first time since high school!!!

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Traveling in asia last spring, so fun!

Divorcing my biz. partner, losing my beloved old cat and starting over with a pair of teenage kittens and the worst allergy year of my life! lol

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@CaptainHarley I need to see a speciallist who will authorise me to start hormone treatment and the clinic in London is the only one which will do that on the NHS. Actually I lie, there’s one other but it’s not very good and people avoid it unless it’s absolutely impossible for them to get to London. Once it comes to the actual surgery I will be able to get some of it done locally.

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Ok. Like I say, I was just curious. Good luck with your treatments and I hope things turn out well for you! : )

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This year has been big for me. I finally declared my major (English, with a Classics minor), I bought a nice used car, heard from my childhood best friend that she’s marrying her Navy boyfriend, found out that another one of my best friends is going to college after I’ve hassled him for years about it (and assured him that he really is smart enough to go), got buzzed at a party for the first time, was hit on by a stranger for the first time, had a huge family reconciliation, lost my great grandmother after years of health problems and Alzheimer’s, discovered that I might not be as much of an atheist as I previously thought, asked a boy from my Spanish class out on a date (I’ve always been too shy in the past to do anything like that) and found out that the boy who gave me my first kiss lost his father to cancer on Thanksgiving. No one’s really heard from him since. So yeah. That’s my year.

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I returned full force to the world of yoga, tango as well as queer activism. I became more confident in speaking about my gender identity as a gender non conforming person. I have been given great opportunities to meet with people, to speak publicly and to get inspired – all of this has helped me conceptualize my future, what I want to do with myself and led me to apply to graduate school for next year. I met amazing new friends, my partner released two CDs and began a band. I have learned a lot through my job and feel much more confidence as an advocate for people, on any issue. I have falled in like with many people, had some interesting flings and intense experiences. People have disappointed me loads, though and I’m slowly trying to regain my faith in humanity.

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My brother got married. We’ve known her since I was about 7, so she’s been a sort of older sister for a long time, but it’s finally official! I can’t wait until they have kids.
I went on a big trip last month and got to know some people way better than I would have without this trip.
I started high school! Yikes.
I turned 14.
Guys actually started noticing me. I was surprised at first because I thought I didn’t look that great. This opinion has changed. My self esteem is a lot better now.
There’s this guy that I’ve known for over a year. For the longest time, I thought he was weird. But I got to know him and…he’s awesome. He’s the best guy friend I’ve ever had. I guess some people would call him my boyfriend, but I’m reluctant to call it that yet. But I definitely will know him for a long time and I’ll have some great memories of high school.
My sister turned 10. I can’t believe that was more than 10 years ago that she was born!
My dad turned 60. Nobody realizes that he’s that old. He does not look like it.

I’m looking forward to 2011!

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