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How many lights light up the world for Christmas?

Asked by blaaashechka (6points) December 18th, 2010

I need to know how many lights light up the world for Christmas. I really need this information for my presentation on Monday. also how many light on your street, your neighborhood, city? please help me :)
thank you all !!

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Wait a minute. I’ll run outside and count.

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As far as a global count or my city (Phoenix) count is concerned, sadly, I don’t think you’re going to get an exact number. That’s pretty much impossible and entirely unrealistic. As far as on my street – 1,398 lights. In my neighborhood – 14,928 lights.

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You might get an idea by asking a light bulb supply company. Apparently the major trees in Washington DC and New York have around 30,000, while Sydney boasts 58,000 bulbs. There are several houses featured on our TV 12 Daves of Christmas (Dave Bender) that have 100,000 or more.

In the whole world? Who could possibly guess? Probably North Korea + Iran + Saudi Arabia = 0

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oh thank you guy!! you really helped me!! =)

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