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So, um.. how can I get the smell of weed out of my cookie jar?

Asked by rangerr (15748points) December 18th, 2010

Long story short: Mom wants to use the cookie jar for fudge. Cookie jar reeks of weed. I’ve washed it 9 times now, and have pretty much used the entire bottle of dish soap on it.

Weed-smell has never stuck to anything this long before. What the hell?


It’s my Darth Vader cookie jar, too… He’s never been used for cookies.. just weed and supplies storage.

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Try alcohol. There is probably resin all over that thing. Let it sit and then scrub it. I don’t know what else will work.

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I’ll second using alcohol. Or vinegar, if you don’t have that. Alcohol is your best bet.

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SOS pad.

And if she demands it a accidental drop would work. If you drop it right it will break, but only into a few pieces. Super glue.

Good luck

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@psychocandy @TheOnlyNeffie Alcohol it is. Thanks!

@world_hello Dropping it? Are you bonkers?

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@rangerr – If the options are your mom smelling the weed or her not smelling it I would break the damn thing so she doesn’t smell it.

You can always glue it back together. Or tell her it where you keep your stash.

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@world_hello She knows I smoke, so I’m not worried about that. I just don’t want the fudge smelling like weed when other people come over.

Nothing would ever make me break Darth Vader.

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Alcohol should do it. I wouldn’t use vinegar if your mom is planning to use it for food; that’d just make the food smell like vinegar. If you clean it with alcohol, that should get rid of the weed smell, and dish soap should take care of the alcohol smell.

And yeah, there’s nothing that would make me break my C-3PO cookie jar either.

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Do you have a dishwasher? The amount of bleach in dishwasher soap is pretty good at getting out any smell…

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I would rub the inside with vinegar and lemon juice, rinse several times with boiling water, and then scrub with baking soda.

For a little fun, you could try putting the baking soda inside the jar, and slowly drip some vinegar to make your own foaming volcano, and clean it out at the same time.

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Get your mother a new cookie jar all her own?

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@YARNLADY Dear God. I feel the need to hug you for that. Blueroses is right. I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING TONIGHT.

@Jeruba I got her one with my sister and I’s did I say that right? hand prints on it for Christmas!

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@rangerr:“with my sister’s and my handprints on it”...

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@rangerr, great idea!

@gailcalled is correct. I truly can’t imagine your saying “That’s I’s seat” or “I’d like you to meet I’s boyfriend” or “I’s car is a blue Toyota.” You wouldn’t, would you?

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Fill it with coke.

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@Jeruba It made sense when I was high. :D

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Actually @tb1570 and @rangerr fill it with diet coke and drop in some Mentos

Hurray! Minty fresh and trippy fun!

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Put just enough alcohol in it to ignite the resins, bong the resultant smoke, and then get your mom a new one anyway. ;-P

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Did it work?

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I would say coffee. It gets rid of any smell…..

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@Claire_Fraser is correct. Drug dealers hide drugs among coffee to mask the smell from drug sniffing dogs.

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Put methamphetamine in here instead, stuff will overpower the smell of anything.

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Wash with Vinegar.

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