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Is there a way to keep track of people on fluther?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) April 7th, 2008

I came across a few people on here with the same interests and post similar questions I have. Is there a way to get their questions or a way to follow the questions they ask? Not sure if that makes sense, but sort of like a buddy list.

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Click on username (viz: babygalll) and the profile plus a list of all the questions user has asked will come up, below the “comments” that s/he has received that are public.

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Oh ok. This only works if you know the username? Is there a way to track the username?

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I’m not sure what you mean. You can also type in the user name of a buddy in the blank, white bar (whateverit’scalled) to the right of “Contact” on orange menu bar above. There is the little magnifying glass on its right.

Or, simply skip me and contact Andrew or Ben.

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it would be cool if you had rss integrated with user accounts.

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We’re working on something…please stay tuned…

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That would be Awesome! Thanks.

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Under the persons picture is their name which is a link to their page. Did we not get this yet out of gail’s answer? Also the pictures themselves are a link to the person’s profile (where there is a list of all the questions they have asked).

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What if you add the user’s name to your profile? Maybe all of that person’s posts will get flagged under your alerts. I think I’m going to try it out… I’m going to add you babygalll as a test.

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Mirza taught me this one: to keep track of another users activity:

Where “username” is, replace with the actual name of that particular user.

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By jove, he’s got it! (thanks sndfreQ and Mirza)

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Hehe, so who’s going to register “username” ;-)

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I think you mean something similar to RSS? That would be great. I believe its coming soon.

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