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What do you do when you feel "down"?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) December 19th, 2010

How do you cope?
What do you do to pull yourself out of it?
When does this happen most?
What’s the most (self)destructive response you have?
What’s your most helpful response?

Just curious…

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I try to have several things in my life at any given time that I’ve been able to prove one way or another to provide me with happiness. That way, if any one of those things fails to bring me happiness I can just switch to one of the other things that make me happy.

Some of the things that make me happy: Talking with my friends and family, reading a book, playing a video game, smoking a joint, taking a drive, cooking a delicious meal or going out to eat, playing with the cat, taking a nap, sex or masturbation, working with wood, drawing a picture, watching a movie, etc.

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Besides drinking, which is my default, I watch movies I really like, or pop in a video game that reminds me of dem good ol times.

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1. I write, try to find something funny on the internet or a funny movie, and I like to have sex when I’m down especially (although the prospects are hit and miss). I like to drink also, but that happens less frequently than sex, heh.
2. I will play an online shooting game to get me out of it. You’d be surprised how therapeutic it is to blow someone’s head off in a video game. Sex helps too, but again, much too infrequent.
3. When I’m reminded of how bad things are going or I get stressed or I spend too much time not keeping busy.
4. I would love to have a night each week where I can get seriously wasted, as a stress outlet.
5. I would love to have a night each week where I can get seriously wasted, as a stress outlet.

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I would check friends or family, go out, play chess on the internet, go to the beach….but I think the most effective way is to check friends or family. Social Interaction goes a long way and the chances of something making you feel better is greatly increased. Then there is the fluther chat-room. You can go and discuss your problems there.

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I try to think of all the good things in my life… friends, family & just being here.
I only look at the positives in my life, never the negatives.

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Exercise can change my outlook. Often, just a long walk outside.

Otherwise, I am with @partyparty. I spend some time being thankful for the blessings in my life, and that lifts my spirits.

A hot bath can be helpful. Tending to yourself and symbolically removing toxins from your system.

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Baking has been doing it for me lately. Also, talking and especially walking with a friend, reading (if the book is good enough), or getting engrossed in a good t.v. series (usually something British from Netflix.)

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Depends. I sometimes just read a book. Sometimes I head off into the countryside on foot or by bicycle. Sometimes I go to see a film. Sounds as if I am ‘down’ a lot, but that isn’t the case.

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Cleaning helps a bit, listening to music, playing music, reading
Mostly I just block it though; the feelings never truly subside

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I take a warm shower while laying in the bath tub wearing a large towel with the lights off and fan on with music or radio in the background and I ponder life.

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I try to find time to reach out to people I may have been out of touch with for whatever reason.

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I like to run, or go for a drive, or sometimes just plain scream. However sometimes none of those things will work and you just got to ride it out.

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An 8 mile run works for me.

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Take deep breaths. It is physiologically impossible to be anxious while deep-breathing. It also helps depression to bring oxygen deep into your body.
Do something you love to do – for instance, I love bossa nova music and other latin rhythms. When down, if you do something you love, then it is easy to leave that low place at least for awhile.

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I search on utube for songs I have not heard in a long time and blast them on headphones…the songs bring me to a better place in time and spark a good memory. Makes me feel good to blast it cause it drives the crazy thoughts out of my head and releases all the negative stuff.

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It’s cliche.. but I honestly just listen to music and talk to family.

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