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Can I substitute frozen spinach for fresh in soup?

Asked by nikipedia (28049points) December 19th, 2010

I’ve made lentil spinach soup a couple times, and the recipe calls for tossing in the spinach after the soup is mostly cooked, and just letting it cook for a few minutes.

I am in a frozen tundra for the next week and change, and there appears to be no fresh spinach, so I bought frozen. Can I use frozen spinach in place of fresh? Do I still add it when the soup is mostly cooked, or should I do it earlier? Or at the very very end, since it doesn’t really need to cook, just warm?

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I would defrost the spinach…then put it in at the regular time the fresh would be put in…If you’re going to put it in frozen I would do it earlier to give it time to thaw…and cook a little
But that all depends on how you like your spinach…cooked-uncooked-somewhere in the middle I like it cooked

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I use frozen spinach all the time in soup, it’s much easier. If the soup is primarily something else, like lentils, By all means toss in the frozen chopped spinach at any time, just make sure it’s hotted up, like you said. Yummy. Then send some to me for taste-testing and I’ll let you know if it worked out OK. ;-)

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No problem with the substitution. Just thaw before adding or allow it enough time to thaw and heat in the soup. How’s Germany?

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@janbb: Freezing cold, but there’s beer.

Thanks, all! I’ll let you know how the soup turns out…

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Also, if it’s really icy, you may want to squeeze it out after it’s thawed, or it will make your soup watery.

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Dang, soup sounds really good right now. My stove is sitting in the middle of the living room, not hooked up due to a plumbing leak in the kitchen : ( Can’t make soup and didn’t get to make any Xmas cookies or pumpkin bread for anyone. But I plan to make all of that stuff in January. Even though it’s after the fact, I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised to get some treats.

@nikipedia I hope you get to visit one of those neato Xmas bazaars while you’re in Germany.

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“Can’t make soup”

We lived like that for a long time in our house when a stove repair went awry. it’s amazing what you can do with a slow cooker and an electric frying pan!

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