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Have you sworn at someone, lately?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 19th, 2010

What was the curse – and what was the circumstance?

How did you feel afterwards?

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No. I swear a lot; a lot. But rarely at anyone. That’s just mean. Don’t remember the last time I did it, but years ago I yelled fuck you at my dad lol. He didn’t like it. Learned my lesson then.

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Who in the hell let this question sit for 13 hours without an answer! WTF happened?
Yes, now I feel better.

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Only asshole drivers. It always makes me feel better.

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I swore at myself. I called myself an ignorant fuck-weed.

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I have a really bad potty mouth.

I couldn’t possibly tell you when it happened last, because it probably happens often. Always in a playful manner, but I come from a whole family of potty mouths. It’s all in good fun, if I am angry I am more careful in choosing what I say. I wouldn’t want to say anything out of anger that I would regret saying later.

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@AmWiser I left and came back to post it in Social, where it is better suited, according to the mods. I flow.

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I cussed at @camertron when we almost hit a car “wtf cam?”

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Only asshole drivers and hockey refs. Dumb aholes

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The last time I cursed out the MTA here in NYC, but I always do that.

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It wasn’t someone but rather something and specifially the computer I’m using in my control center at work today. It is operating rather poorly and making my work just a little bit more aggravating than it might be otherwise. The curse was someting to the effect of, “You miserable SOB. If I could dismantle you and sell you for used parts, I’d do it right this damn minute!”

I felt pretty good afterwards and that’s mostly because no one caught me muttering obscenities to an inanimate object.

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I usually swear with my friends, not to demean them or to instill anger, but that is what young people do, they swear to be cool. I usually say fuck, shit, the typical teenager swear words. However, I will never say “faggot” to anyone jokingly or serious. I really don’t like that word. If my friends say it to me I am okay with it because I know they like me and are not saying it to be mean. Still, even when they say it, it stings a bit. But I don’t want to be a nit-pick around my friends, they love me for who I am, a bisexual kid, and do not mean what they say. I still refrain from saying it to others because I do not know if it could potentially offend them, some of my gay friends really despise hearing that word at all, as they should.

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