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Who will be simultaneously watching the total lunar eclipse (1:33 AM EST) and celebrating the winter solstice (6:38 PM EST) on Tuesday?

Asked by gailcalled (54524points) December 19th, 2010

This is a double cause for celebrating. Details at Sky&Telescope.
Remember that early Tuesday morning means the wee hours before you get up. But you do not have to go outside and freeze, which makes it perfect for little kids.

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We always celebrate the Solstice. So this will be a bonus.

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Yes I will be celebrating – but not the solstice – I will be celebrating my wedding anniversary.

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I will if you bring the blankets.

i’ll bring the cocoa

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YES!!! An amazing show for sure! Surely it calls for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? lol I’m gonna set my alarm. It would call for naked dancing under the moon if it wasnt supposed to be well below freezing here…

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We’re going to try to take the telescope up to Griffith, but I’m afraid the rain will keep the eclipse hidden. Boo…

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Yes, thanks for reminding me. I’ll mark my calendar now. I hope it’s clear enough to see from my area.

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Heh, I wish. I had planned an astrophotography session of it, and I was going to make a time lapse movie of the event. Sadly, though, we are in the midst of a week long driving rainstorm.

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I plan of not missing this one and so far weather reports are backing me up!! Way cool!!

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I will! I am hoping we have clear skies for the eclipse, it is looking doubtful.

Here on the left coast, the full moon/eclipse is the night before the solstice.

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I’m not sure how to watch a solstice… I’ve never seen one of those, but I’ll stay up to see the lunar eclipse.

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@troubleinharlem: As I mentioned, watch the eclipse and then celebrate the solstice.

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Dern, I’ll be sleep during the eclipse; and I will gladly toast the solstice. Can’t wait to start seeing those extra minutes of daylight.

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Sounds fun, just added it to my celly calendar along with some alarms. Thanks!

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It;s probably going to be cloudy and rainy here; looking forward to it if it isn’t.

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ooppss I forgot…. and I was thinking about that while I was looking at the moon two hours ago… darn that Tim Allen and his “The Santa Clause” marathon… it is 9:38 mountain standard time do I still have time?

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@talljasperman: Wrong night, dear heart.

Here’s the timetable for late tomorrow night and on into Tues. before you get up.

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Thank you, @gailcalled! I hadn’t been paying the least attention and didn’t know about the eclipse.

But I do celebrate every solstice and equinox in the heathen chambers of my heart.

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We’re going to be watching (along the Lake).

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