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Christmas spirit around the house?

Asked by smile1 (493points) December 19th, 2010

Its a week before christmas, and no one in my family has done anything for christmas. My parents are fighting…

Ive asked my brother what he was thinking about giving our mom for christmas, and he said he didnt care. He said its not worth trying to bring some cheer around the house anymore.

Well…I want to try. If its not with my family, then, I do something for/with my friends. Or at some orphanage.

I dont know really, but I dont want to spend christmas day not doing anything. I want to make someone happy, but I cant really spend money on anything. So Im thinking of the topic of cheering someone/somewhere who really needs some christmas cheer. Any ideas?

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Lights are on the house, and the tree is up. Lots of presents, though they are up high to protect them from my grandson.
All my Christmas music is up north, though. It’s not the same without it.

Solving your problem will involve a senseless act of giving. Go help at a local kitchen for the impoverished, but not just for the holiday. Make a weekly commitment to help when it isn’t a holiday. People are still hungry then.
Get some gift cards to Walmart or Target. Go down to the local state hospital, where people go when they don’t have insurance. Hand them out randomly.
Grab some old coats from the closet. Take them to people on the street.

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Go ahead and put the decorations out, put some Christmas music on, invite friends over to help you, make a tree-trimming party out of it. Bake some cookies.

I’m assuming you’re female. Get some girlfriends, head to a nursing home, and do manicures. Make cards to send to veterans that are at the nearest VA hospital.

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I’m trying to start a movement. I’m so sick of seeing people treat people terribly. For example: talking on the phone when you are dealing with a cashier at the store, yelling at the person making your sandwich because he made a mistake and put the wrong sauce on it, etc. In general: I’m so sick of people thinking they are the most important people, and everyone else is just there to serve them, and when they fail at that, it is OK to treat them like garbage.

If you don’t have a lot of money, but still want to make a difference and do some good, hang up the phone and ask the person bagging your groceries how she is doing. If the person making your sandwich puts the wrong sauce on your sandwich, let it go. It is a mistake. Give someone you don’t know a compliment. Smile at the gas station attendant. Just be nice to people.

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We had a nice Chanukah with potato latkes and chocolate money. I had bought my husband a gift, which we rarely do, we don’t usually exchange gifts for chanukah, but he found it a week before! He went into a closet he never goes into, he was helping me actually, and saw it. Wound up it was the wrong thing, not what he needed, and so I returned it. Meanwhile, for Christmas we usually go to his parents, but won’t be traveliing this year, so I didn’t have to buy any gifts, and I am just fine with that, although I do send his neice and nephew money for xmas.

We did go to a couple of very nice holiday parties, and we will go to one more Christmas Eve. Oh, I guess I need to buy her something?

I recommend you go check out a bunch of Christmas lights in your town if there is such a thing. Most cities have an area that is all decorated. If your family has not put up the xmas tree, or wreath, you do it if it is up in the attic. Maybe play some Christmas music.

As far as gifts, your mom and dad will love anything you do, even if it is just making them a card. If everyone truly sucks right now in your house, maybe make plans with some friends for a few hours xmas day, so you don’t feel completely cheated. Or, volunteer somewhere.

Lastly, good moods are infectious. Smile, and be merry, and maybe they will follow suit. If not then just practice it with others. While out be helpful and chatty with others, even if it is just the checkout girl at the grocery store. She’ll smile back and you’ll feel better I think.

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Sitting with someone in a nursing home, singing or reading to them could be a wonderful gift. There are people there who never ever get visitors.

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Listen to @Judi, that is a wonderful thing to do.

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How old are you? Can you volunteer at a homeless shelter? Food bank? Holidays can be really rough for a lot of people, just know that when you have your own family, you can make them the way that YOU want them to be! That’s how I think when I need to get over holiday family blues.

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Do you know where your family keeps the decorations? Start putting some out. Do you have any low power lights? Run a string someplace unexpected – over a bookshelf, or around a curtain rod.
This is a stressful time for your parents, too. They will appreciate any normalcy you can provide. By doing something positive, even if it is at home, you are helping.

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Do what I do. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

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If someone can explain to me how to link a video I would love to show you my tree. I will also send you a video of my neighbor’s and my house in comparison. Please help I hv a youtube account

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@thekoukoureport if it is on youtube you can just copy/paste the link here. If you want to make it fluther pretty you type quotes, then the word, then close quotes, then colon, then paste the link. No spaces.

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