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What are some nice things to say to my boyfriend?

Asked by crappy (96points) December 20th, 2010

I tell my boyfriend nice things but they are to cheesy and i am afraid he thinks that to so what are some nice simple things to say to him

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Don’t try too hard. Just tell him the truth. Say the nice things that come to mind, without trying to embellish your words. The truth of how highly someone thinks of you is probably the nicest thing to ever hear.

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Be honest. It always works the best for me.

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Tell him you appriciate him, for whatever reasons. Everyone likes to feel valued for their contributions in a relationship.

Notice when he does something nice and acknowledge it.

Let him know how he enhances your life by his thoughtfulness.

Yes, just go with your feelings and be honest and sincere.

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thanks this all helps

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I tell my husband how much I like this little wrinkle near his right eye. Lol. Seriously, it is a part of him, he probably sees it as a flaw, but I love it. His mom thinks I am so funny that I like his wrinkle.

I tell him how handsome I think he is.

When he helps me solve a problem, I thank him for his insight.

I make short rhyming poems sometimes and send them to his work email.

I do my best to acknowledge when he has done something thoughtful for me.

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Well guys like it when you complement them, and always make him feel better about himself. Ecourage him and support him, do nice things to him, be helpful. Flirt, play with his hair, hug him, .. like FLIRT ! They love that.. ;)
Most importantly be a fun person to be around, and don’t be too snappy or the jealous type, and DO NOT flirt with other guys.

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See @Coloma ‘s answer :)
people like sincere compliments

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Make him or take him out to dinner and tell him it’s your way of thanking him for being in your life.

If he’s a gentleman, he’ll offer to wash the dishes. Let him

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What you think is cheesy might be endearing to him. As others advise, I’d keep being honest, holding to your own style since he liked you that way to become your bf in the first place.

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Think about how how life is better with him in it, and go from there.

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just be yourself,natural things come out on your mouth when you just enjoy every moment with don’t need to think things before you say to him,just be YOU.

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