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Anyone ever used the Zeno hot spot and if so how would you rate it?

Asked by tigerlilly2 (1248points) December 20th, 2010

My acne is moderate and I have used proactive and the neutrogena skinID regimen, neither one cleared my acne up. I have also used several clean and clear products, seen a dermatologist and been prescribed several topical creams and even foams for my acne, and they don’t completely rid my face of it. Suggestions?

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I had pretty bad acne back in the day. No commercial products seemed to work. Most seemed to actually make it worse.

What worked for me wash a washcloth and hot water. I would just wipe my face with hot water every few hours. It helped a lot.

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I use a benzaclin wash in the a.m. and a mild wash in the evening. I also use differin or tazorac in the evening on occasion. This has been the only regimen that has given me satisfactoy results so I stick to it.

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@world_hello and @holli I will try both of these things. All commercial products seem to make it worse so I will try the simple route. Also, I have never used anything with tazorac in it so it’s worth a shot! I just really don’t want to resort to accutane.

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@tigerlilly2 Ask for samples. That stuff is crazy expensive but the samples can last a long time.

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My friend used it and it burned her forehead real bad and it blistered.. and she used it for like 20secs

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@Brenna_o Oh my goodness, that’s crazy! It’s supposed to only be hot enough to kill bacteria but if it does that then it’s definitely not worth it.

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