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What should I buy a 15-year-old German boy for Christmas?

Asked by thisisnatalie (15points) December 20th, 2010

He’s my host-brother who I haven’t seen in three years, and haven’t really spoken to much since then either. But I always send the family Xmas presents and have found something for all of them, but him. He likes PC gaming kind of stuff, but I don’t think it’d be a good idea to get him a game that’s only in English because, although I know his English has improved since I last saw him, I still don’t know whether he would enjoy/understand something entirely in English. He also listens to a lot of music, so I was thinking maybe a base thing for an iPod, or a CD of an American reggae/hip hop artist (he likes the Black Eyed Peas and Seeed—German band), if anyone knows an artist of the genre. I’m trying to keep it under $30, if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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If I were to send my old host brother something for Christmas, it would probably something sentimental. Something that he would like, but maybe that he couldn’t get in Germany.

Send him something from your country, because he shared his with you! (I guess this applies if you mean ‘host brother’ in that you were an exchange student.)

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I agree with @sisyphus. Something local is more meaningful. It is like an invitation to come visit.

If you can’t find anything and want to send him music, then probably a gift certificate (I assume they have them for iTunes) would be the safest.

My son is a gamer, and what he wanted for Christmas were gamer-themed t-shirts. I’m guessing your host-brother would like those especially if they were in English.

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A beer stein? A Tuba? A pair of lederhosen?


Seriously, if he likes games, I believe most of them can be set to “german” for play.

There ARE a list of a few games though that are banned and illegal in Germany, so you probably don’t want to send one of those:

Germany is about halfway down the page.

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On the other hand, sending a banned game would be kind of cool for him.

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I like @6rant6 a gaming tshirt is a really good idea
hope this helps xxx

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I have a friend who has German relatives. They came to visit last year and their son (16 years old) bought bright skateboard shoes. Like this, or this. They’re cool, because they’re not popular or readily available in Germany.

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Something American, of course.

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An hour with a 23 year old German “working girl”? lol

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