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Best site to get replacement batteries for laptop?

Asked by rufuswashere (26points) December 20th, 2010

Need a replacement battery for my business laptop, which is a Compaq/HP 2510p. Hundreds of sites offer a replacement, as does eBay. How does one decide where to get it?

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I would think price, return policy, shipping, and knowledge about laptop batteries in general.

Which usually knocks ebay off my list unless the price is just amazing. Amazon usually handles the first three really well, and a specialty site will usually handle “knowledge” the best.

It’s usually just up to you from there.

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Depends on if price is a consideration for you. I had to buy a replacement cord for my laptop and locally the cheapest I found was in the 90$ range. My brother, a techie, helped me find one on ebay for 10.00 and it has worked beautifully. So that is a long-winded way of saying that if price is a consideration for you then I’d go with ebay, just check the stats.

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I pay most to the consumers’ review. I wonder whether the manufacturer of such laptop accessories been firmly appointed, if so ,you can just choose the cheap ones.

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