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What would you like to see in a zombie movie?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) December 20th, 2010

Seriously, I’m writing a screenplay which I need to finish soon. I have to write an ending which includes a battle on a military base with zombies. It’s not the core of the movie, and it can’t be protracted. If it has a place for a wolf, so much the better.

I thought some Flutherites might have some “I’ve always wanted to see a zombie movie where….” for me.

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…where there was some sort of antidote and some of the zombies returned to normal.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That is really brilliant. It would be unique and awesome!

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@Dog Sarcasm? I’m not very well versed on zombie movies.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Great minds. It’s already an element of the plot.

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Where the zombies wouldn’t be agressive, they wouldn’t want to turn you a zombie, they just simply couldn’t die… so it’s a “poor zombies” type of movie. :)

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Yes, they all collapse in writhing agony and we have a Roy Batty moment at the end, and realise that even zombie life is valuable in itself. Then the audience knows the truth; that it was humans who were the enemies all along.

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Zombie Jeopardy.

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Well if it is on a military base, I would love to see violence. I’d like to see some of the zombies learn how to use weapons. Lots of explosions. Grenades, tanks, assault rifles and more. Just pure chaos!

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I always thought it would be cool to see zombies of samurais or vikings, but that might be hard to fit into a scenario where it’s set in modern times.

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I loved the Norwegian Zombie movie, Dead Snow. They had all sorts of references and homage to zombie movies, so there was a wonder feeling of self irony. Loads of places for the audience to groan between the zombie groans.

But I like the idea of some of the zombies coming back to human form with some sort of strange antidote concoction, possibly something made up on tonight’s full moon eclipse on the solstice?? Now, the wolf could be tied in, because it would be a werewolf, that was cured with the same stuff?? Nah….. the wolf is the other half of the werewolf that was healed… so that the werewolf became a human man AND a wolf, who where faithful companions because they had been one and the same for many years. THAT would be cool.

I hope everyone is going to be out watching the eclipse, if clear skies in your area allow it. It’s the first lunar eclipse, on solstice with a full moon since 1638.

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No zombies.

The entire genre is puerile.

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@lloydbird Judgmental much? I suspect you haven’t seen the “entire genre”. So what you’re doing is akin to saying, “All war movies glorify war” without having seen “The Deer Hunter” or “Saving Private Ryan”. And even if all zombie movies were puerile, that doesn’t preclude one being made that isn’t.

If you can step down from your high horse, you might want to take a look at this:

It was called to my attention by someone who heard that this fungus was being investigated by US military to determine plausible use in warfare – offensive of defensive I have no idea.

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Another **(scarier?)** piece of news:

And here’s a completely useless piece of fake news on **how close the Nazis came to reanimating zombines**:

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@6rant6 Interesting articles. But they don’t alter my assertion that the “movie” genre is puerile. Perhaps you could provide me with a profound example of such a film, that I am unaware of.

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@lloydbird I haven’t seen very many zombie movies, but I’ll do my best.

I think I Am Legend used the zombie genre to make some interesting comments about purpose and our response to failure. Also, the kinship which the hero felt with the zombie leader took respect for differing opinions to a new level.

Sean of the Dead was a funny film, which made some interesting comments on relationships.

I’m not saying either of these films was perfect, nor that they would not appeal to 14 year old males. But I don’t think they were limited to the superficial “blood and gore” elements that can be cloying.

And to quote me, “even if all zombie movies were puerile, that doesn’t preclude one being made that isn’t.” My question was posted to solicit ideas for a screenplay. Could be good, no?

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The Zombies should win….Kill the “Hero” early…no one would see that coming
Have the Zombies wipe out mankind before the end….

That would be great

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@lloydbird, my film teacher, who is himself a pretty tough nut, called the 1943 classic B picture I Walked with a Zombie “a very elegant movie.”

@6rant6, I’d like to see some good old-fashioned classy zombies and not just gelatin-blooded slavering cannibals.

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@jeruba. The Hanibal Lecter zombies?

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It seems to me that Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros” could easily be changed to a zombie movie, and still make the point that the play made.

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You could always have the classic “Someone has to stay behind to let the others get away safely.” Personally, I’ve really longed for a modern serious zombie movie, but realism and zombies can only work so well. I think any ending that is satisfying without leaving the viewer feeling cheated would be good, no cop-outs or deus ex machina stuff.

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Just bear with me and say this line out loud before you dismiss it.

“There’s motherfuckin’ zombies on the motherfuckin’ plane!”

huh? huh? winner, winner, chicken dinner

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@Blondesjon Maybe I can write in a cameo for Samuel L. ....

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A film student friend of mine wrote a screenplay for “A Zombie Film Without Zombies!” Like what @lloydbird said, but for real. People don’t need to actually be infected with a fantastic virus to become mindless and bloodthirsty. I think it’s a genius idea if the pretentiousness is kept at bay. which it probably isn’t in my friend’s case, so feel free to steal the idea

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while me and my friends are watching resident evil,my friend asked “what if the crocodiles,sharks and lions turned into zombies?” not bad after all,he’s just curios.

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@Blondesjon A fan of Flight of the Living Dead, are we? :)

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This may have been done, but I wish I could see a zombie movie where the zombies were wicked fast instead of slow and lumbering. Imagine a zombie that could do moves that look like a cross between Twilight and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

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Zombies actually referred to as zombies instead of some contrived, one-off term like “zeds,” “walkers,” etc.

Civilians who aren’t master marksmen who can score headshots from 300 yards with a pistol.

And on that note, more realistic use of weapons.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Good ones. I always did like those…things… to describe zombies though.
We have Michael Jackson to blame for humiliating the word zombie haha.

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@Symbeline, I’m ok with “those… things.” It has a nice ring to it.

I’m so tired of “zeds,” and “z-heads,” and “Zack” and all the other cutesy names people have cum up with though.

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Yeah, not a fan of deadheads either. I mean, if zombies invaded, the last thing I’d do is call em anything cute or clever.
Also cum up with lol. XD

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oh shit… Freudian slip! haha

If zombies invaded… I’d call ‘em zombies. And then shoot them.

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Very nice!

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Thanks. :)

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Sarah Palin shows up.

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@hotgirl67 It’s supposed to be a comedy. So nothing quite so scary…

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