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How to connect an old subwoofer to a new amp/receiver?

Asked by Otto_King (1107points) December 20th, 2010

I surprised myself through my wife with a Yamaha 7.2 receiver for christmas. It’s not in use yet, but when it will be, I want to know how to connect my old subwoofer which has only two “hole” in it on its backside to my new amplifier. The output from the amp is coaxial, and the subwoofer holes are made for “blanked” cables. (Only for the copper wires without plastic coating.) I hope I’m clear enough… :)
Thank you

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This E-How page has every conceivable combo fixes for connection issues like yours. My guess is you have to take a patch cord that plugs in to your new amp and simply cut off the other end, strip the insulation and pop the bare “copper” ends into your sub woofer. On Co-axial cables the inner wire is usually the ”+” positive wire and the outer layer is ”-” negative.

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@Cruiser Thanks dude! ;)

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