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What can I draw for my step father?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) December 20th, 2010

This year for Christmas I’m drawing pictures of animals for people but he doesn’t like animals. He likes hockey, baseball, and football. He roots for the bruins, red sox, and patriots. This all I really know about him. What is something sporty I could draw for him?

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Draw him either at a game for one of his favorite teams, or as a player in one of his favorite teams’ uniforms.

I would think he’d like that, anyway. Good luck! :)

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I think you should draw a bear holding the Boston Bruins logo :)

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I agree with @lucillelucillelucille – Bruin the bear, doing something sporty, should cover all bases as they say. Humans are animals though, could you draw a hero of his doing something seasonal?

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I like @lucillelucillelucille‘s idea too, maybe you can give him the present and arrange to have coffee or tea with him so you can get to know him better! It sounds like you might like to.

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Draw a player of one of his favorite teams tackling or scoring on etc… on a player of one of his least favorite teams.

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Draw an animal wearing his favorite team’s jersey.

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I ended up drawing a picture of a bear in the bruins jersey. Thank you all for the ideas.

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