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What are some of your bad habits?

Asked by awacting (798points) December 20th, 2010

Are there any bad habits that you have? I bite my nails, twist my hair, and when I get nervous I drift around a lot (my acting teacher calls it happy feet). What about you?

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Besides swearing like a pirate, (And drinking and smoking like one, too.) when I’m nervous, I tend to scratch my knuckles with my fingernails. :/

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I sometimes pick my nose.

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I bite my nails as well, chew on the skin surrounding my nails and crack my knuckles.
I have a terrible slouching issue too. I never sit up straight and have developed mild scoliosis because of it.
I swear a little too much.
I don’t make very many healthy food choices.
I also pull out my hair (trichotillomania) although, this habit isn’t as bad as it use to be.

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Interrupting other people (my husband) when they are talking
Chocolate for breakfast

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Right now, I am a sloth. I still have my jimjams on and haven’t brushed my hair, yet, today.
but, then I’m on holidays

I scratch my boob at traffic lights on occasion.

I drink out of the juice jug and milk cartoon.

I belch.

I am often late for things (not work, though).

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I’ve got a little bit of a potty mouth (okay, maybe a lot of one)

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I want to pull other people’s hair out.What do they call that? ;)

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Procrastination is my ultimate destroyer. So completely useless. But it’s so nice and warm and cuddly! I tend to not handle myself very well in the presence of chocolate or cheese. I have a very irregular sleep schedule. I kill people in my dreams sometimes. And I don’t respect authority, I only pretend to respect it, if that makes any sense. ^^

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@lucillelucillelucille A fuckin cannibal lol. :)

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oversleeping! i’m lazy,i just want to have plenty of time to sleep.hahaha

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@Jude & @Symbeline and all this time I just thought it was a wild temper XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Well, it is. They’re just being nice.

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I have this habit of waiting until the very last minute to leave home for anything. Then I have to drive like a maniac and make myself a nervous wreck worrying that I will be late. I think it must be because I like chaos.

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@rooeytoo I do that too! And you’d think we’d get it through our heads every time we have a conniption in the car over worrying about being late, but we don’t. XD

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Being short tempered when my mom doesn’t remember stuff or because she’s naturally disorganized.

Being critical of my bf when I feel he isn’t using his full powers to better his health.

Playing dumb at work because it’s often the easiest way to difuse angry or unreasonable guests, letting them beat me up so they don’t make a fuss in other departments.

I’m a super picky eater. I’ll eat just about any kind of food but I’m fussy over the preparation. I have the horrible habit of saying, “this is good but…”. My mom loves me but she also hates me.

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Being continuously right.

people fucking hate that

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@Vunessuh Conniptions are delightful! XD

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I click my fingernails with out being aware of what I am doing. It drives my son nuts, and he always calls me on it.

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Whenever I try to do my homework, I always end up fapping

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@Michael_Huntington Lmfao that’s my laugh of the day lol.

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I smoke too much.
I don’t eat my veggies.
I’m always right.
I’m messy (not dirty, but messy) – right now it looks like the Robarts library threw up all over my living room.
I like to peel my skin when I get sunburnt, and other people’s, too. (EW!)

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I can not insist on doing something.

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Gee, I don’t have any bad habits. Everythin I do is because I want to do it, whether other’s perceive it as being bad for me or not.

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Biting my nails, and tapping my nails on tables… LOL it pisses people off when i tap my fingers.

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@Vunessuh – we have much in common mate! Always nice to have a companion.

I often have conniptions too!

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Scratching my scalp until it bleeds. I used to leave the toilet seats up, but we got these new toilets with soft-close seats, and now it’s no big deal at all. Except when I go to someone else’s house and forget where I am, and the seat slams down with a loud bang.

I don’t care about crumbs in my office, so I get mice. But then the nice exterminator man comes and gets rid of them.

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I’m messy.

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1. Procrastinate. (Big time).
2. I’m usually late for everything.
3. I’m very unorganised. Even the tools in my toolcart are all mixed up.
4. I repair other people’s home appliance/maintenance problems but I never take care of my own.
5. I take care of too many stray cats.
6. I never have the guts to get my cat declawed.
7. I have sloppy handwriting.

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Oh and another thing.
I judge people based on their taste in music/movies.
I know taste is subjective, but sometimes I can’t help it. My bad, yo.

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I have a horrid temper and I get mad too quick
I pick at dead skin
I let the dishes stay in the dish water too long
Procrastinate way too much

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O guess I forgot that I procrastinate. I have a project for school due tomorrow and I have only spent ten minutes on it. Oops :) guess I should go do that…

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