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Hookah Pipe? asking for men's help.

Asked by larryxiao (3points) April 7th, 2008

i want to send a gift for my father, is a water pipe a good idea?
which one is more suitable?

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Does your dad smoke weed? If he doesn’t that is hilarious.

I like #2.

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If your dads into that sort of thing then definitely, they are really awesome. I personally think the more traditional looking Hookahs look much better though. And also make your dad look like less of a stoner.^_^

Smoking a hookah can be a really relax and they make some amazing flavors(they have a drop down menu for browsing by flavor thats pretty extensive)

So yea if your dads into that sort of thing i think he’ll love it.

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Get him a hand-blown glass bong, and a bag of the finest “tobacco” you can find!

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if your dad is just a tobacco smoker the first one. But if your dad smokes weed, get a roor, or a water pipe from a shop in my hometown that you could have custom made for relativly inexpensive

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@ bulb. Word son!

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@johnny Is that you Dad?

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Bulby!!! I’ve missed you so!!!

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Paw! Is it really you, Paw?

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if he’s a smoker get a cigar box with personalized labels, or take him to a hooks bar first

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