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What was/is your self-destructive behavior?

Asked by Jude (32112points) December 20th, 2010

I have been known to push people away when they get too close.

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Alcohol I guess. Not quite sure what else to add to that lol.

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Smoking. Is

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I’m like you. When I’m depressed I don’t believe anyone really cares about me, and I’m certain they will abandon me. It is very difficult for me to wait for someone to leave, so I try to take control by making it happen. I’m pretty good at it.

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On bad days I wash all the clothes on the hot cycle….

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I can’t take a compliment well. I always counter the compliment with a negative statement about myself. Then, I stew over what I said instead of just saying “thanks”. But, then I do it again the next time a compliment rolls around.

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A bad temper combined with a vindictive streak a mile wide. Piss me off and I will hurt you if it kills me, or I will die trying.

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I hate being away from my boyfriend. I can’t take it. It’s awful. It wasn’t like this with previous boyfriends. I love him too much.

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Cigarette smoking. Ick!

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I procrastinate, and it causes me so much stress and missed opportunities.
I’m also terrible at making new friends. I’m just not good at reaching out to people who express interest in being my friend. It might be depression related, but it’s definitely a destructive trait.

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Oh, my. Where do I start? Smoking, poor eating habits (which really kick into gear when I’m down), procrastination, hermiting myself away from the world. The enemy really is me. :/

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Procrastination. It’s not really that self-destructive, I guess, since I always get the work done on time, but I put it off until I’m in a frenzy trying to finish everything.

Worry. I know that some things aren’t worth worrying about, because they’re not under my control or because I’m just worrying about possible outcomes to a situation, but I’m not able to just let things go. I work myself up and sometimes end up having full-on anxiety attacks because of it.

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If I’m not passionate about something, I tend to not care much about it and only do the bare minimum, usually.

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I’m a hedonist at heart, but, an enlightened hedonist! lol

Yes, it is possible. haha

I have an extrovert personality and am very orally fixated….haha

My biggest weakness is good food and I have to work very hard to keep my weight in check.

I am one of those with a ‘hearty’ appetite for EVERYTHING!

Unless I am extremely sick I rarely ’ go off my feed.’

I also enjoy pot brownies….my drug of choice. ;-)

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@jerv do you give out warning? if so, please send me mine before I send you over the edge! loll

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I worry myself to the point were I stop eating. I go days without food (surviving on liquids but not nearly enough).

I plan my suicide.

I make sure loved ones of can’t get hold of me and then cry because I am so lonely.

I do all of the above when I have got myself in a major panic about something that is yet to happen.

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procrastination and some laziness….
If I am not sincerely interested in something
I have a hard time learning it.

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