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Deja vu?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) April 7th, 2008


anyway. Do you ever experience deja vu? Why do you think it happens?Do you believe it is memories from your dreams, or an anomaly of memory?

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Yeah, I don’t know what it really is, but something that happens to me quite often actually is that when a certain event occurs, I’m reminded of a dream that I had earlier. And this can be days, weeks, or even months earlier. I’m really not sure if I’ve even had these dreams but it sure feels like it. I’ve always wondered though…

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First of all deja vu is awesome. Everytime it happens I get super excited. As for why it happens, i’m not sure, but I like to pretend that I see the future because it makes me feel cool. jk?

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It happenes quite often. As to why. I don’t really know.

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Since we are not at each other’s throat, like when we first encountered each other, then I’m not feeling it, UBS! I Love the Mantis Shrimp!

What color is yours?

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I feel like I’ve answered this question before.

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I’ve read that its most likely a slight delay in your sensory percetion being processed.

For example, your visual information is coming through a millisecond before your auditory.

Therefor it feels like everything that is happening has already happened, because it already has in your through whichever median.

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I get it all the time. Except that instead of feeling like I’ve been somewhere before, I know I’ve been somewhere before, and I can actually predict what people will say… which freaks me out because I know I can’t I’m just lagging in my brain and everything gets confused and mashed over itself.

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Watch the movie Deja Vu with Denzel Washington. I think that it will answer all of your questions.

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Best Haiku Ever
Hmmmm…..A deja vu.
It happens when they change things.
Whirlybird go boom.

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I’ve had deja vu moments before, and I must say, it’s cool for a while, then it just gets creepy. I would agree with spargett, that does make sense, but there are too many times when I know it’s from a dream for me to really know at all.

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I have read it is a short circut in the brain. Processing information gets delayed from one input while the others happen at regular pace. The delayed information “appears” to be a replay of the same information.

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