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What to do with my old car battery?

Asked by tapestryofregret (446points) December 21st, 2010

I have a honda ridgeline and after a few years of no problems, seems the battery is at the end of its rope.

I’m about to go out and get a new one now, question is: should i just toss the old battery or should I bring it with me to the auto parts store, possibly get a discount for recycling it?

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Recycle it most places it is illegal to “TOSS” a lead battery. Yes the auto parts store may have a discount or a “Core return coupon”.

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Very illegal to dump, very toxic to the environment. Plus you do usually get a couple bucks off a new battery for turning it in.

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Sorry “toss” was a poor choice of words…I would have tossed it off at the nearest recycle center with no expectations for reimbursement is what I meant.

Sounds like I’ll be taking the old battery along for the ride then. Thanks!

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Dont know about around you, but by my way, advanced auto will give ya like 10 bucks or so for an old battery.

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You can take it to an auto shop like a Pep Boys or even an repair shop. They may charge a small fee for disposal but it’s legal.

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I went to Napa auto parts and got a new battery, there is a core dispoal deposit you have to make of $10, unless you have the old battery

I ended up getting an 85 month 24f for $79.99. the guy knocked it down from $110 because they didn’t have the lesser model which was I think a 3 year 24f @ $70. I think I did alright

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@tapestryofregret You did good, 35% discount is a reasonable reduction.

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Most of the bigger auto shops will dispose of old batteries for you at a nominal fee.

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