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How does Fluther get so many people to answer questions?

Asked by Chips (16points) December 21st, 2010

I’m impressed with the high number of answers to some questions. What’s driving this?

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People who care in general…and people who care about developing a good answer to a question.

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Because there’s always been a strong sense of community on this site. People went out of their way to make sure of it – and to make sure it was nothing like YahooAnswers.

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It’s how we roll. We’re here to answer questions – when there are questions, we answer them.

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We’re lurve whores.

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There are a lot of know-it-alls on the site.~

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It’s what we do. :)

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Ancient Chinese secret. Not really

Just a lot of intellectual and interesting people banding together to form the web’s best Q&A community the Internet has ever seen. When you get that many terrific people together producing that much unbelievable brain power, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have an answer free for all of epic proportions.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Mostly, we’re show-offs.

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Around the camp fire you get to talking.

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Because even though @marinelife already took my answer, I’m still going to chime in and say the same thing. This website just really attracts people that think they know everything about everything. I’m sure not everyone on here is like that so I speak only for myself…

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I always thought it was the tazers and pepper spray.

Oh, no, that’s just for co-founders. DOWN! DOWN!

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We like to talk, we all feel like we have something to offer, and we like to have decent, grown up discussions free from text speak and blatant grammatical errors.

Oh Oh! Andrew’s in the house!!!

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Look out, Andrew! The people have rocks and stones and sticks and stuff! Congrats, BTW…:)

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Another thing is (and this isn’t said enough) Fluther is extraordinarily well moderated so it offers a much richer online discussion experience than most places.

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@andrew You guys get to use the tasers and PS on each other, we get to meatloaf and fruitcake each other!

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Did someone say FRUITCAKE?

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@JilltheTooth Only 4 more days till Fruitcake Heaven!! ;)

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Wait! You mean you guys aren’t getting the $5 per GA checks? Heck! That’s why I do it.

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Ka-ching! Another $5.00 ! ~ ^

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@flutherother I love that campfire image!
@worriedguy You’re welcome.

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@Blueroses Thanks! I’ll split it with you. 50–50!

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@worriedguy is that considered lurve-gaming?

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Guys. Be serious. This guy is going to think we’re just nuts, after I said “We like having ADULT conversations.” ..... Speaking of….JellyClause is HERE!!!!! I asked him to pay off my new truck and I’ll bet he does!

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I have to question the premise of this question. I’m not sure that what is written here truly qualifies as “answers” for the most part. Well, I guess I shouldn’t speak for others, but speaking for myself, most of what I write is more of a riff on the question. I don’t know the answer, if there even is one. I like offering opinions just because I like to hear myself think. In fact the questions do make me think about interesting things and I just sort of work my way through the issue to find out what I think. Once I figure out what I think, it’s there for others to read.

Perhaps there are a lot of people who like to find out what they think. But mostly I think it’s about meeting other people. There are a lot of thinkers and perhaps thinkers like to talk to other thinkers.

The mods help keep out the stupid folks. If you can’t spell or express yourself clearly, you can’t post here. So that keeps the quality up. Lots of nice conversations, and often you learn stuff you didn’t know.

Well, there you have it! My little maundering around the question, arriving at nowhere in particular. But that’s like life, isn’t it?

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It isn’t really what Fluther does it’s what Fluther is.

This is a community of the highest caliber, in my opinion. We have wonderful, genuine, caring members. We also happen to like answering questions. Sometimes we like to hear ourselves talk, too. ;)

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@TheOnlyNeffie Oh Neffie… Perfect! ^^^ GA!

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And that is why she’s The*ONLY*Neffie dammit.

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I’m just on here often, and not a lot of my time here is spent being helpful. :D

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The users themselves and decent moderation.

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I know the place is not full of trolls, so I’m willing to put the effort in to provide answers. There are so many other sites, where it is so easy to have your answer deleted just because some troll feels like reporting it or because they disagree. That does not happen here.

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